GOT7 on New Years Eve
Mark: somehow got into that really hip, super expensive club without having a ticket ?? ends up at on top of Steve Aoki’s table dancing to EDM with like, someone dressed as santa and a mariachi band
Bambam: dives into the pool first, even though you’re not really supposed to. yells “EASSYYYY” as he goes and somehow becomes the catchphrase of the party. Kim K tweets about it sometime after midnight
Jackson: gathers every girl without a date at midnight to kiss each one on the cheek. runs away screaming. rips off shirt and dives into the pool with bambam. ensue mass chaos
Jinyoung: goes to one of those posh, stuffy parties. leaves before midnight with the girl of his dreams. wakes up the next morning to find out she’s disappeared & that she might be a ghost & he needs to save the world - THREE PART MINI SERIES COMING TO A THEATER NEAR YOU IN 2017
Jaebum: convinces you to stay in. it’s cold, bars are crowded and drinks are expensive plus he really just wants to spend the night with you. playing a puzzle and *ahem* listening to Prove It.
Youngjae: gets hype on red bull before the party and ends up in a serious heart to heart with jackson at some point. does a cannon ball into the pool and spends the rest of the night apologizing to the group of partygoers he soaked
Yugyeom: out on the dance floor the entire night. misses the midnight toast. yells to his friends around 1:00 am that THE NEW YEAR IS ALL ABOUT ME, B*TCHES!


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