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From Cuded.com: "Designed by Architects, DIALOG, the Southlands Residence nestles into a mature, heavily vegetated corner site in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A year-round fresh water stream divides the irregularly shaped property as it threads its way below Marine Drive to the south. The lush basin resulting from long-standing environmental forces sets the stage for a dramatic and highly contextual architectural response. The Southlands Residence spans the riparian environment and sets up a circulation sequence that culminates in a grand south facing outdoor ‘room’ on the water’s edge. The design capitalizes on moments of natural splendor in social zones while playfully borrowing from foliage and topography in the creation of private contemplative spaces."
love all that natural light
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I'm not a fan of modern architecture, but I love the location out in nature--it's a nice contrast to the style of the home
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