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SSG: GOT7 New Years

Hi everyone...are you ready for another GOT7 Game? Are you interested in how your new year's will be with got7? well if so play my screenshot game.

Make a results cards and tag us the Got7 moderators in it.

Have fun and I don't take blame for any heart attacks, palpitations, or fainting. Love you fam.

my results are down below

oohh i hope my date likes...
awe....Yugyeom wae...are you going to stay in your lane?
Jackson...we talked about this....
Gyeomie why...please you are swerving poor noona heart
Yay definitely have the energy to keep up with me Yugy...Yugyeom....wae @mbg3t (kala) is not going to like this....hahaha but your super cute when I'M
Again Jackson....we discussed this...if it was two years ago I would have accepted...but wae....are you making my heart palpitate...I blaming the alcohol and Gyeomie...
Stupid Maknae....Gyeomie....wae....I'm sorry kala (@mbg3t)....But that kiss...yep definitely a man...
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Lol Yugy must like eomma. One kiss aint too bad 😂😂😂. But he's getting it when he gets home!!
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Ill take my man gladly 😂
a year ago