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This is taken from my AO3 account, found here.
I will be taking prompts and requests. Any ship, any prompt (with very few restrictions).
Rated: T (Teen)
Based off the following prompt:
“Imagine person A of your OTP making dinner for themselves and singing a love song that’s normally a duet while a window is open. Suddenly, person B who is outside the window starts singing along with them. Bonus if this how they first meet.”
Or, how a surprise rendezvous with a mysterious, golden-voiced boy leaves Taehyung flustered and forgetting about the ramen he was attempting to cook.
Taehyung sighed, a hand running through his dyed blonde hair, eyes glued to his computer screen. The words flashing across the screen made no sense to him as he struggled to stay alert. How on earth did his Music History professor expect them to write a ten-page essay on how a certain type of music has developed throughout history in three days? It was inhumane! Taehyung had hardly gotten through a page and a half and he already felt like curling up into a ball and crying.
His fingers stalled over the keys, ideas flashing through his mind but none suiting the essay. He was stuck in the same rhythm for what seemed to him like hours, typing a sentence or two only to delete it.
Taehyung swore, he was going to go insane from this torture. What was the point, anyway? I wasn’t like he would ever need any of this information in the future. Who cared what year Beethoven wrote Symphony No. 5? Or how old Mozart was when he died? The class only served as a good nap time, in his opinion. Finally, he dropped his head in dejectedly closed his laptop. Taehyung pushed it to the side and climbed out of bed to head to the living room.
His older brother, Namjoon, was rushing around, grabbing jackets and shoes and almost knocking over the same vase three times. He was mumbling under his breath, and looked more nervous and anxious than Taehyung had ever seen him.
“Uh, hyung?” Taehyung raised an eyebrow. Namjoon paused, looking up at Taehyung.
“What, Tae?” He replied, voice cracking with nerves.
“What are you doing, hyung? Why are you running around like a madman?”
Namjoon resumed his scramble, continuing to put several inanimate objects in peril. “Aren’t you supposed to be working on your essay?”
“I can’t. Not unless you want my head exploding.” The older shook his head.
“Do you remember how I told you I had that date tonight? With Jin?” Namjoon asked.
“That cute senior you’ve been fawning over this entire semester?” Namjoon nodded. “No clue.”
His hyung just rolled his eyes. “Yes, well, the date is at 8:00, and I only woke up five minutes ago!” So that’s why Namjoon looks like he just rolled out of bed, Taehyung mused. He glanced at the clock. It glared with a bright 7:52.
“Hyung, you’re fine! He’s super chill, from what you’ve been rambling on about. Jin won’t kill you if you’re a few minutes late!”
“But, it’s our first date, Tae! I really like him! What if he thinks I don’t care enough about him to be on time? What if he hates me? I’m going to mess up tonight, I just know it!” Namjoon, in his worry and haste, was in the midst of putting his left shoe on his right foot. Taehyung sighed and walked over to his hyung. He grabbed the shoe and put it on the right foot.
“You don’t need to worry. You can do this, hyung!”
“I hope you’re right,” Namjoon sent him a nervous smile.
Taehyung beamed. “Of course I am!” He then pulled Namjoon up and threw his car keys and jacket into his hands. “Now go! Your perfect prince is waiting! Have fun!” With that, he pushed his older brother out of the door and shut it. Muffled shouting came through the door, and Taehyung opened it up again.
“What about dinner for you? I didn’t get to call it in on time!” Namjoon fretted. Tae simply waved and replied,
“I’ll just cook for myself, it’s fine, hyung! Go have fun!” Taehyung slammed the door shut again.
He was happy for his hyung. The older had droned on and on about a Jin from his Acting class. The senior was supposedly incredibly handsome with a heart to match. It was about time Namjoon plucked up the courage and asked him out. Unfortunately, that meant Taehyung was on his own, with eight and a half unfinished pages of an essay and the dangers of letting him anywhere near a stove dangling over his head.
He decided that ramen couldn’t be too hard to mess up. Pouring the water in the pan, he turned on the stovetop. While he was waiting, he thought of the song he heard on the radio the other day.
If you
If you
Taehyung sang, the melody playing through his head, reveling the feel of the lyrics flowing off his tongue.
If it’s not too late
Can’t we get back together?
If you
If you
If you’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?
I should’ve treated you better when I had you
The water came to a boil, and Taehyung threw the noodles in, setting the timer. He resumed his wait once again, but was interrupted by a new voice flowing in.
How about you?
Are you really fine?
The blonde boy looked around, searching for the owner of the sweet voice. He followed the sound to the open window, and looked out of it to see a figure standing underneath his window.
Guess our break up is setting
I should forget you but it’s not easy
The boy’s voice was gorgeous, absolutely angelic. It was the sort of voice one could fall asleep to. Taehyung stood there, in the middle of the kitchen, completely immersed in the tune.
I’m looking at her, getting farther away
She becomes a small dot and then disappears
Will I feel better if I meet someone?
I remember the old times
I remember you
Taehyung smiled, and joined back in for the chorus, closing his eyes in bliss at the wonderful feeling of singing and the high, sweet voice complimenting his deep, smooth one.
If you
If you
If it’s not too late
Can’t we get back together?
If you
If you
If you’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?
I should’ve treated you better when I had you
On days where thin rain falls like today
I remember your shadow
Our memories that I secretly put in my drawer
I take them out and reminisce again by myself
Why didn’t I know
About the weight of sadness that comes with breaking up?
If you
If you
If it’s not too late
Can’t we get back together?
If you
If you
If you’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?
I should’ve treated you better when I had you
As the song ended, Taehyung slowly opened his eyes. Without the music in the air, the only noise remaining was the bubbling of the noodles on the stovetop. Taehyung ignored his dinner, which by this point was overcooking, and ran to the window, trying to find the one whose voice he was so entranced in. He looked down and saw a boy leaning by a light post on the street by his apartment. At first, he could only see the top of his head, covered with fluffy brunette hair, and the slender body covered by blue skinny jeans, timberlands, and a black hoodie. However, when the boy looked up, Taehyung felt the breath escape him.
The boy was as beautiful as his voice. From where Taehyung was, he could see chocolate doe eyes blinking up at him, and rose tinting at his tan cheeks. Taehyung even swore he saw pearly bunny teeth shining through the pink, plump lips. The boy had a sharp jawline, and his hair fell gently onto his forehead and in his eyes. His skin was looked unbelievably smooth, and his face had a very innocent look to it. Taehyung was about to call out to this angelic boy, but the boy had already moved, turning his head to the ground to his right and walking swiftly away. Taehyung remained where he was, staring after the figure disappearing into the distance. He only snapped out of his trance when he heard the water of the pot bubble over onto the stovetop.
Taehyung thought about the boy for the rest of the night. One thing he was certain of was that he wanted–no, needed–to find out who this boy was. Also that there was no way that essay was getting finished tonight.
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