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Hey! Here's the second chapter of the fanfiction. This work and others can be found on my A03 page.
Rated: T (Teen)
Based off the following prompt:
“Imagine person A of your OTP making dinner for themselves and singing a love song that’s normally a duet while a window is open. Suddenly, person B who is outside the window starts singing along with them. Bonus if this how they first meet.”
Or, how a surprise rendezvous with a mysterious, golden-voiced boy leaves Taehyung flustered and forgetting about the ramen he was attempting to cook.
Taehyung saw neither hide nor hair of the beautiful and mysterious boy for the following week. He had recounted the night’s event to Namjoon, but his hyung was little help, save for nicknaming the boy Pear Blossom (“Hyung, this isn’t a fairytale!” “But he ran from you and your love, the name fits!”). Still, Taehyung thought of the boy for days, and often found himself doodling bunny toothed smiles and doe eyes in the corners of class notes.
Namjoon had come home from his date with Jin practically with heart eyes. His hyung had gushed to no end about Jin-ssi’s “perfect cheekbones” and “smooth skin” and “adorable smile.” It became nauseating, especially after Namjoon announced that they were going on a second date, and a large part of him wished he could find this boy so he could be as happy as his hyung.
His best friend, Jimin, had noticed his dream-like state whenever they were together. But didn’t take much note of it until they were sitting at a café together and Taehyung was just staring into space.
“-but I talked to him and he said that Namjoon-hyung hadn’t been anywhere near the spill, so it couldn’t possibly be-” Jimin cut off, looking at the moon eyes of his best friend. “Tae, are you even listening to me?”
Said boy found himself ripped from a (wonderful) vision of “Pear Blossom” grinning at him with those perfect white teeth and those perfect cheeks dusted with pink as he held hands with Tae. “What? Yeah, I was listening.”
“Oh, really?” Jimin raised an eyebrow. “You were zoning out, weren’t you?”
The younger boy sighed in defeat, “Yeah, yeah, I was. Sorry.”
“What has been with you lately? You seem to be spacing out a lot.”
Taehyung blushed. He trusted Jimin with his life, but he was sure the older boy would tease him endlessly if he found out Taehyung had a crush. Of course, Jimin already knew Taehyung was gay, so that wouldn’t be the problem. “Umm… Well…” Jimin gasped.
“Oh my, is little Tae in love?” the slightly older boy wriggled his eyebrows, causing Taehyung to groan and drop his head into his hands. “Well, are you?”
Taehyung mumbled something incoherent into his grey sweatshirt sleeves, and Jimin’s smile just grew. He hated how his best friend could see right through him.
Jimin laughed at Taehyung’s flustered state. “I can’t hear you!” He sang. Taehyung pulled his head up and glared at the laughing boy.
“Maybe,” he gritted out. Jimin ceased his laughing, but still looked at the younger with mirth and amusement.
“Who is it? Is it someone I know? What do they look like? Are they cute?” Jimin rocketed off questions with enthusiasm, grabbing Taehyung’s hands.
“Calm down! And yes, he’s incredibly cute.” Taehyung flushed harder. It was fine telling this to Namjoon, because at least he didn’t take pride in making Taehyung as uncomfortable as he could. He was apparently to “sophisticated” for that.
“When did you meet him?”
“I was home alone and just started singing until he joined in.”
Jimin raised an eyebrow. “Wait, he was in your house?”
Taehyung sighed. “No, he was outside. The window was open. But, he started singing with me and his voice was incredible, and once I finally got a look at his face it wasn’t hard to see that he himself was too,” Taehyung drifted off into a fantasy again, before Jimin snapped his fingers in front of his face.
“Gosh, Tae. You’re sounding like a lovesick teenager from a TV drama.” Jimin wrinkled his nose. “Do you even know his name?”
“No! And that’s the problem! He ran before I could even talk to him!” Taehyung ran a hand through his hair.
“Oh, so he’s your little Pear Blossom, huh?” Jimin wriggled his eyebrows again, ducking the hand that came flying to swat him.
“Shut up, Namjoon-hyung already made that joke.”
Jimin laughed and took Taehyung’s hands in his own. He locked gazes with the younger boy, and his tone took on a slightly more serious approach. “Tae, are you sure? You only saw this boy once, and you don’t even know his name. Don’t just rush into it blindly without thinking it through first.”
“But, I just felt something. I can’t explain it, but it felt like fate, like destiny. I felt like somehow, some higher power wanted us to meet. I know that we’re just strangers to each other, but I at least want to find him, so I can know if I really love him.” Jimin let a small smile grace his features.
“Alright. If you really feel like this is meant to be. Explain him to me, what does he look like?”
The younger boy’s eyes lit up, and Jimin suddenly regretted asking. Taehyung immediately launched into a powerful explanation, making Jimin wonder how on earth Tae had seen the boy so clearly. He was 20 feet above the boy for God’s sake!
“…and his eyes were the most beautiful chocolate brown, so deep and I felt like drowning in them. His teeth were pure white, and he had the cutest bunny teeth imaginable. His hair was brunette, and it looked so soft and fluffy that I just wanted to run my hands through it and gaze at his stunning jawline and perfect skin. His skin, though! It looked so smooth and kind of tan and amazing! And…” Jimin cut him off.
“Wait, tan-ish skin, brown eyes, brunette hair, bunny teeth?” Jimin narrowed his eyes. “The boy’s hair, was it almost a bowl cut, but had the fringe kind of flowing to one side? With a little part in the middle that shows his forehead?” Taehyung’s eyes widened.
“Yeah, why?” his voice was a shocked whisper, hope gleaming in his eyes. Jimin chuckled.
“There’s a boy in my dance class, we sometimes practice after class together. His name is Jeon Jeongguk. He sounds almost exactly like you just described. He’s pretty cute, I’ll admit. I don’t blame you for liking him.” Taehyung’s eyes had been widening with his grin at this revelation, the revelation that he could possibly have found his mystery boy, but his smile dropped at the last part.
“You don’t like him, do you?” Taehyung asked, suspicious. Jimin sensed the trouble, and quickly explained.
“No, no, no! Don’t worry, Tae. I don’t have a crush on him. I can just appreciate good aesthetics when I see them!” Taehyung relaxed slightly, his grin reappearing. He latched on hard to Jimin’s arms, his hopeful eyes beaming up at him.
“Jiminieeee, can you please introduce me to him? I need to find him!” Jimin got his arm free, patting Taehyung’s head.
“Okay, I’ll introduce you two. You owe me for this, lover boy.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to just say who you are?” Jimin shook his head at the younger, who was fiddling with the denim jacket he put on as they walked down the university campus paths.
“I’m sure he didn’t see me! And plus, wouldn’t it be weird? What if he doesn’t like me? I’d rather get to know him first before we get to the whole ‘we kind of sang a duet and you ran from me’ ordeal.” Taehyung declared adamantly. The older sighed and just shrugged.
“Okay, fine. Remember, you’re coming in to the studio because you want to take photos of dancers for your photography class.” Taehyung nodded. They stopped as they reached the campus dance studio. Taehyung looked up nervously and let out an unsteady breath. Jimin slung an arm around his shoulder, pulling him forward. “You’ll be fine, don’t worry!”
The first thing Taehyung noticed when he entered the studio was the overpowering stench of sweat and feet. Not very pleasant, he had to admit. Harsh breathing filled the room, along with laughs and chatter. Taehyung wrung his hands nervously as he looked around. There were barres lined up along the wall, with a mirror covering the farthest wall of the room. The floor was a chestnut hardwood, and on it lay two boys, panting and giggling.
One of the boys had bright orange hair, and a long face. His skin was smooth, and an infectious grin covered his features, showing off pearly whites. He was fanning himself by flapping the hem of his black t-shirt vigorously, sweat dripping down his forehead and his hair a mess. He wore black Nike sneakers and tight fitted blue jeans.
The other boy lay on his side, only tufts of brunette fluffy hair visible. He too wore tight fit blue jeans, but wore maroon timberlands and and white tee along with it. His voice was airy, and his shoulders shook as he let out breathy laughs.
“Yah, Jiminieeee!” The orange-haired boy stood up and ran over to Jimin, pulling him into a quick, tight hug. “You made it! And who’s this?”
“Hi, Hoseok-hyung! This is my friend, Kim Taehyung!” Taehyung bowed to the older.
“Nice to meet you, Hoseok-ssi!” Hoseok grinned, and waved to the younger.
“Nice to meet you, too. And please, call me hyung. So, what brings you here?”
“I’m doing a project for my photography class. I thought you guys would be good subjects for it, if that’s okay?” Hoseok nodded.
“I’m fine with that! Yah, Jeonggukie! You good with Taehyung taking some pictures?” The brunette boy lifted his head and nodded, turning to look at the other three.
Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat. Jimin was right. Jeongguk was the mystery boy that had been outside his window. If Taehyung had thought he was beautiful then, he thought he was absolutely gorgeous now. His soft, cream-colored skin and deep, beautifully brown eyes drowned Taehyung in awe. His jawline was the right amount of sharp and soft, curving gently above a smooth neck. His white tee was tugged down just enough to allow Taehyung a glimpse of collarbones, enticing and ready on display. Jeongguk’s mouth was open in a small ‘o’, the edges of his white bunny teeth peeking out from under plump, soft pink lips. Fluffy brunette bangs fell delicately into his eyes, and Taehyung had to resist the urge to run over and run his hands through the silky-looking locks. He wasn’t sure how long he stared at the boy, his mystery boy, before a familiar voice coughed and said,
“So… We’re all set, then?” Jimin looked at Taehyung with mirth in his eyes, and Taehyung noticed Jeongguk nod again, turning his head slightly. He hadn’t even realized that Jeongguk had been watching him as well, with wide eyes. If he looked hard enough, he could see a faint pink dusting his cheeks.
Hoseok grinned. “Yep! So, Tae, any specific shots you want to get?” Taehyung snapped out his trance and looked at the older, thinking.
“I think just go through what you usually do. I don’t have anything specific in mind.” Hoseok nodded, and walked over to the speaker, fiddling around with the music controls.
“Hyung, what combination are we working on?” Jimin asked, shedding his army green jacket and putting it by the door.
“The one we were last week, Own It? Remember?” Jimin nodded, and reached out a hand to pull Jeongguk off the floor. Taehyung calmed his heart and proceeded to set up his camera and tripod in the corner of the room, taking care to not allow himself to appear in the mirror.
The music started, and Taehyung knew he was done for. Of course the combination had to be sexual. He focused his camera on Jeongguk, snapping pictures. The boy was mesmerizing when he danced. The way he moved fluidly into each step but managed to make it seem sharp was incredible, as was the fact that he appeared so light on his feet. Jeongguk was amazing, and Taehyung had to remind himself several times to get some shots of Jimin and Hoseok, too. He felt his heart skip a beat as Jeongguk went to the floor, quickly putting a leg out and a hand out to spin himself up. This was going to be a long practice.
Jeongguk was probably just camera-shy. Or, at least, that’s what he told himself. What other explanation could there be for the nervous butterflies in his chest as the (incredibly cute) boy snapped pictures in the corner. As soon as the boy had entered, and Jeongguk had looked up, he was lost in beautiful eyes and a small, boxy smile. Jeongguk knew he was gay, but he didn’t want to admit that the beat his heart skipped was because he was attracted to the boy.
He tried to focus on dancing, but found it difficult, trying to remember the steps while his mind jumped to the lavender haired boy. The practice dragged on, and Jeongguk made several mistakes because of the cute boy’s presence. By the time they were done, Jeongguk made it a point not to look at Taehyung, lest his heart start pounding again.
“Good job, you two! You worked very hard today! We’ll have that A in the bag!” Hoseok praised, breathless from the workout. Jimin grinned widely at his hyung, and bounced over to Taehyung. The latter was packing up the equipment.
“Yah, Tae! Did you get everything you needed?” Jimin asked cheerfully. Taehyung nodded, drawing his gaze up to Hoseok to send a boxy smile his way, and Jeongguk’s heart skipped another beat.
“Yes, thank you, Hoseok-hyung!” Hoseok smiled at the boy.
“Well, you’re welcome anytime!” Jimin nodded, and Jeongguk forced himself to give a flustered nod. He could have sworn he saw Taehyung’s cheeks flush, but assumed it was just a trick of the light.
They said their good-byes, and Jeongguk hightailed it out of there, away from the cute boy and back to his apartment. As soon as he entered, he threw his jacket off and flopped on the couch. Yoongi, his roommate, and a senior in the song-writing program, was sitting on the couch already, and raised an eyebrow at the younger.
“Yoongi-hyung!” Jeongguk whined, his voice muffled by the couch cushion.
“You good, kid?” Jeongguk lifted his head, allowing his hyung to see the blush on his cheeks.
“At practice, Jimin-hyung brought a boy from the photography program to take pictures.”
Yoongi was confused. “How is that a problem?” Jeongguk huffed.
“The problem is the boy was really cute!” Yoongi snorted.
“I thought you already liked the boy you sang the duet with,” Yoongi smiled at the boy’s turmoil.
“I thought I did too! And, maybe I do, but I never saw him, and I like this guy, too!”
Yoongi patted the younger on the back, chuckling.
“You kids and your love problems.” He mused.
“Just because you’re an old man who can’t find love doesn’t mean you can make fun of me!”
“Watch it, kid.”
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