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Rated: T (Teen)
Based off the following prompt:
“Imagine person A of your OTP making dinner for themselves and singing a love song that’s normally a duet while a window is open. Suddenly, person B who is outside the window starts singing along with them. Bonus if this how they first meet.”
Or, how a surprise rendezvous with a mysterious, golden-voiced boy leaves Taehyung flustered and forgetting about the ramen he was attempting to cook.
Taehyung found himself back at the studio several more times in the next few weeks, under the guise of more photos needed. Jimin had said it was good for him to socialize with Jeongguk, as to befriend him easier. Taehyung was convinced it was just torture. A sweaty Jeongguk in skinny jeans right in front of him type of torture.
Nevertheless, it seemed to be working. Soon, Taehyung and Jeongguk were exchanging side glances and amusement at the antics of the two older hyungs. They still didn’t talk much, but they would laugh at each other’s jokes, engage in small conversations, and Taehyung found himself still crushing madly on the boy after six weeks. By then, the “photography class” excuse had probably expired, so Taehyung, nervously took the initiative.
The dancers were intensely running through the combination over and over. It was not necessarily fast, but it required a lot of precision and quick hits in movement. Hoseok had gone into full instructor mode.
“Lower, Jimin!” He had boomed over the music. “Jeongguk! The hits are on 3 and 4, not 1 and 2! Stay on the music, or I’ll make you count it out loud!” Taehyung just sat in shock at the intensity of the normally cheerful hyung.
The trio were in the middle, doing a complex move where they would pop up from a sitting position into a Valdez. Unluckily, Jimin failed to stick the landing, his foot slipping as he painfully landed on his side. Jimin painfully gasped, turning onto his back and clutching his hip. Taehyung’s eyes bulged, and he ran over to where Jimin lay. Hoseok and Jeongguk were already there, the former’s hands prodding into the dancer’s hip, eliciting grimaces and whimpers from the fallen form.
“Jeongguk, can you get the ice?” the youngest nodded and ran out of the room. “Jimin, can you pull your other leg into your chest?”
Jimin nodded, hands grabbing the knee of his uninjured side and stretching it. He faltered a couple of times, but managed to stretch the bent knee all the way to his chest with only a slight wince.
Hoseok breathed. “So, your hip is probably just bruised. Sit out for now, take it easy, okay?” his voice was softer now, nothing like the strict teacher he had been before. He was now sweet, and brotherly. Jeongguk came back in, a frozen bag of corn and a couple of paper towels in his hands. (1)
The oldest helped Jimin up to a sitting position, and he scooted back over to the side. Taehyung followed, sitting next to his best friend.
“Are you okay?” Jimin just nodded.
“It’s nothing major, I’ll be fine,” Jeongguk handed the corn to him and he wrapped it in the paper towels, gingerly placing it on his hip.
“Okay, Jeongguk, back to work!” Teacher Hoseok was back, “Remember, on the Valdez, try to land your foot closer to you so you don’t fall,” Jimin blushed.
The two remaining dancers ran through the piece numerous more times, Hoseok still shouting and correcting the younger. Taehyung looked at Jeongguk, taking in the beads of sweat running from his temple down to his chin. It made his tan, smooth skin shine, and the photographer’s heart fluttered. He snapped a few pictures before he heard a whisper in his ear.
“Stalkeeeerrr!” Jimin sang, receiving a punch from the other.
“Shuddup,” Taehyung grumbled. He pouted and Jimin laughed.
“What are you going to do once you ‘turn in your assignment’? Stare at the pictures of Jeongguk you took all day?” Taehyung sighed.
“I’m not sure,” he whispered back.
Jimin shook his head, chuckling quietly. The two others could not hear them over the music. “Just ask for his number or something. Keep in touch with him on your own. You don’t have to cling to me to see him,” Taehyung just shook his head.
“I’m too awkward for that!” he moaned. Jimin gently slapped his shoulder.
“It doesn’t have to be romantic. Just ask, ‘hey, you seem cool, why don’t we hang out sometime?’”
Despite the nerves, that was exactly what Taehyung was doing not even half an hour later, after much arguing with himself. Jeongguk was packing up his bag, taking in large gulps of water. The older took in a deep breath, exhaling as he walked over and tapped the boy on the shoulder.
As Jeongguk turned to look at him, Taehyung felt his mouth dry. Don’t get distracted Tae, even though he’s really cute. He stuttered out, “H-hey, Jeongguk!”
The younger smiled with bunny teeth, “Hey, Taehyung-hyung!” He felt his heart skip a beat when the younger said his name. “What’s up?”
“I was just wondering, since I won’t need to take anymore pictures for my project, but you seem cool, would you maybe want to hang out sometime?” Taehyung tried his best to avoid Jeongguk’s gaze, remaining unaware of the fact that the younger’s mind was screaming in delight and his proposition.
“S-sure!” Jeongguk all but yelled. He coughed awkwardly, and pulled out his phone. “Here, what’s your number? That way we can talk!” He handed it over to Taehyung, a page for a new contact set up. Taehyung typed in his contact information, handing it back to Jeongguk.
“I’ll text you ‘ChimChim’ so you know it’s me,” Taehyung laughed at this, and nodded.
“Sounds good!” He sighed and said. “Well, I probably should get going. Talk to you later?”
“Definitely,” was his response, small, and shy. Taehyung all but sprinted from the room, finding himself face to face with a smirking Jimin.
“You are blushing so hard, lover boy. I swear, you two are the most awkward people I have ever met. You’re perfect for each other!” Taehyung pushed past the older, who was clutching his sides laughing.
When he got home, Taehyung found his older brother seated next to an incredibly pretty boy on the couch, the two holding hands and talking quietly. Taehyung just cleared his throat, and the two looked up at him.
“Tae! You’re back!” Namjoon stood up and went to hug him. He guided the younger to the couch and sat him down. He then turned to the pretty boy and smiled.
“Jin-hyung, this is my younger brother, Taehyung,” The pretty boy, obviously the Jin whom Namjoon had been fawning over, his boyfriend, looked at him and gave him a sweet smile with plump pink lips.
“Nice to meet you! Joonie’s told me you’re a photography major,” Taehyung nodded.
“Yes, Jin-ssi. I’m a second year in the program,” Jin laughed, squeaky and oddly endearing.
“Please, Taehyung, call me Hyung,” He said. Wow he was overwhelmingly charming.
“Speaking of said program, how did your little ‘photoshoot’ earlier go?” Namjoon wiggled his eyebrows at his younger brother, who just blushed.
“Who told you about that?” He mumbled. His hyung simply laughed at him.
“Jimin did. He also told me it was just a scheme for you to get closer to your little Pear Blossom. Or, Jeongguk, as I’ve heard his name is,” Taehyung grabbed the nearest pillow, and muffled his groans in it.
“Pear Blossom?” Jin asked from the side. “What am I missing?”
Namjoon smiled mischievously. “Taehyung sang a little duet with a mystery boy when I was out on the date with you and now he’s trying to win the boy’s heart.”
Jin cooed. “Oh, Taehyung, that’s so cute! What is he like? Is he kind? How well do you know him?” Taehyung’s eyes widened.
“He’s absolutely perfect! His eyes are so brown and adorable and his teeth-” Namjoon raised an eyebrow at him. Taehyung coughed awkwardly, preventing himself from going into full gush mode. “But, turns out Jimin, my best friend, knows him. So, we made a plan to fake a photography project so that I could meet him.”
Jin grinned. “That is so precious. How much do you know him now?”
“Well, we’re friendly around each other. But, I keep thinking I will say something stupid and he’ll think I’m weird. Plus I get really nervous whenever he’s around. Though, I got his number today-” Namjoon cut him off.
“You what!?” He sat up straight in his seat. “You got his number?” Taehyung nodded shyly.
“So I’m hoping we can just start off as friends, you know.” Jin nodded understandingly. Namjoon chuckled.
“Well, don’t wait too long. From what Jimin’s told me, the boy’s super pretty. He’ll get snatched up if you don’t hurry.” Jin smacked Namjoon on the shoulder.
“I know, hyung!” Taehyung whined. “I just can’t help it. I’m so awkward around him. He’ll probably reject me if I ask.”
He felt hands grab his and looked up to Jin giving him a beautiful smile. “Grow closer to him, and then when you’re ready, make your move. You never know, he probably likes you back.”
“He probably doesn’t,” Taehyung sighed.
“That’s not what Jimin told me,” His hyung sang from where he sat.
“See?” Jin said. “It’s not as one-sided as you think. Give it a shot, okay?”
Looking into Jin’s supportive eyes, brotherly and motherly at the same time, Taehyung felt from stress ease from him.
“Okay,” he said.
Unfortunately for him, the stress returned a couple of hours later, as he lay in his bed. His thumbs hovered over the keyboard on his phone, unsure of what to type. As promised, he had received a text from Jeongguk saying “ChimChim,” but was stuck on responding. What could he say that wouldn’t be too awkward? Taehyung typed and erased, typed and erased. Eventually he gave up and just typed a simple reply.
To: Jeongguk
From: Taehyung
Feeling incredibly lame, Taehyung hoped to God that Jeongguk would start the conversation. Luckily for him, his prayer was answered.
To: Taehyung
From: Jeongguk
Hey! :) How are you?
Taehyung smiled. Something about his reply was totally adorable. He quickly typed back.
To: Jeongguk
From: Taehyung
Not much, just finished a project for class. How about you?
Through even three messages, Taehyung already felt accomplished. He managed to have somewhat of a conversation (However small) with Jeongguk without messing up completely! The two continued texting, eventually evolving from perfect grammar and capitalization to slang and way too many emojis to be morally right. Somehow, they had gotten onto the topic of stage names if they were ever to debut as an idol.
To: kookie
From: taetae
idk! what name should i have?
To: taetae
From: kookie <3
well i already kno what i would be! :P
To: kookie <3
From: taetae
whaaaat??? it better be cool -_-
To: taetae
From: kookie <3
To: kookie <3
From: taetae
u busan boi….
To: taetae
From: kookie <3
( ˘ ³˘)
Taehyung paused, feeling his face heat up. It’s a simple text he told himself. Don’t get so worked up over it. He let himself regain his bearings before replying.
To: kookie <3
From: taetae
u should hav a super cool name, like G-Dragon!
To: taetae
From: kookie <3
To: kookie <3
From: taetae
yes ofc! g-dragon is so cool!
To: taetae
From: kookie <3
Heyyyy back off, he’s mine :P
Taehyung laughed obnoxiously loud, and a little maniacally
“Tae, are you okay?” Namjoon stuck his head in the room, concern etched on his face. Tae just quelled his laughter and nodded.
“Yeah, I’m okay hyung!” Taehyung’s boxy grin was incredibly wide, and his enthusiasm caused Namjoon to raise an eyebrow at him. Nevertheless, his hyung just nodded slowly and backed out of the room.
The younger boy turned back to his phone, excited to see another text from Jeongguk. The boy seemed shy and reserved at first, but after talking to him for hours and getting to know him, Taehyung found him to be incredibly hilarious and enthusiastic. Jeongguk was an absolute goof, he just hid it well. He seemed to think his real, jester-like, personality would turn people away. But, Taehyung found himself falling in love even more.
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