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I apologize for posting this I.M spam late. As many of you may know that @PrettieeEmm is no longer on Vingle and was in charge of I.M, but no worries she's still here by heart and part of the Monsta Mod Team~ :) As a team, we decided to put a little part in this I.M spam that we enjoy of this amazing maknae.

I know Em would of loved those Calvin Klein underwear so this is for you ;D

You know we couldn't miss that dimple attack of his.

@Baekyeol27 was sure to remind us of this~

Need a little I.M chest thrust followed with a finger heart?

No worries @changkyunslays has that covered for you~

How can we miss some I.M Funny Compilations?!

No worries @resavalencia has us covered~
Now, do you want to know what it's like to be short or have short problems when your mic coordination is wrong? 《Watch This Video》 To see I.M laughing his a** off on this incredible issue. (side note: for this choreo they have to move around and I.M ends up at Hyungwon's spot)

Photography Spam

Changkyun's Allergic Reaction To Cuteness~


Hope you guys enjoyed!

On a happier note though, you've killed me with I.M. As usual 😂
loved the video! I.M is so cute and funny 😆
I didn't know that PrettieeEmm was gone :(
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Why did she leave? :(