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Hello VIXX community! Its your mod here! I have my official support together (official meaning they will be listed on the community home with me) but I need unofficial support!, Now unofficial support will have a choice - You can post about VIXX as a whole on Mondays (Only posts about the entire group) or you can share a day with another support to post about one specific member! I will only have two people for each member, the original support and one unofficial support. Ravi, Ken, Hyuk, Hongbin, and Leo have been filled so the rest of the members are open! Requirements are just that you have Line and love VIXX!!! My Line ID is ladygdragon if you're interested, message me there or here with your ID and we will discuss what position you want!
Oh can I be the unofficial for Leo? My line is awkwardjazzy
I'm interested! My line ID is beautyandthewolf
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I want to help but I don't have line anymore and my phone won't let me download it for space reasons