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Hello everyone!!

Today is Sungmin's birthday in Korea!!! Yes, you all heard me right. The wonderful, the adorable, and the pretty sexy (also kind of short cX) Sungmin of Super Junior!!

For some reason, he's the member that I kept messing up on (and still do for some reason, even though I know the rest of the members xD), but these gifs and pictures definitely helped me out a lot!!

So please, enjoy some amazing pictures and gifs of our cutie Sungmin!!

Aiiiiissshh!! I don't know if I like him better with white/blonde hair or his darker hair!!!

Either way, he's so adorable!!!!!!

*Cough cough* Did I say adorable....? I meant, very sexy!!!!

*Cough* and cuuuuuuuute~^^ *Cough*

Aiiiiigo!!!!! His smile is so precious!!! How could I have ever mixed this boy up with anyone else!?!?

His smile makes me melt.....Wait....I think he just became one of my many bias wreckers.....Sungjin!!!

O.O Sungmin!!!!! I-I did not see this coming!!!!

Sungmin!! There are children in the audience!!!!! sexy *-*

Whoa!! Calm down oppa!! You are okay!!!

Haha well I hope you all enjoyed these squishy and sexy pictures and gifs of the amazing singer, Sungmin!! I really hope he comes back from the military soon....He does not belong over there!! Dx

Anyway, I love Sungmin so much, and I hope he had an amazing today!! (even if he's in the military....) I hope that he continues to smile that adorable smile, and that he continues being as adorable as he is (with some sexy in there cx) I hope you all also have an amazing day today C: We love you so much Sungmin!! Happy birthday!!!! Stay healthy and fighting!

(Yes, I am now a part of the ELF community as a supporter cX I will introduce myself sometime this week to you all chu~)

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Happy birthday! Welcome back!
Happy Birthday 였빠! πŸ’™ SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK 2017
I know right!??! γ… γ… γ… γ… 
Aaiiisssshhhh, this one!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁
ahhhh Sungmin😍😍😍😍