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I entered the building, hot tea in one hand, my bag in the other. Today was the day I was supposed to practice with Sung Si-Kyung and I was super nervous. I hoped my voice wouldn’t crack or do terrible things to embarrass me.
Walking towards the boss’s office, I ran into one of the other workers for Gugudan, “Oh, hey, how’s it going?”
“Isn’t it your day off? VIXX should be at home today,” she asked.
“I got called in to practice a song with Sung Si-Kyung.”
She stopped and looked at me, “You did? You?” she looked at me with renewed interest.
“Well, he’s in studio 6 practicing, you should probably head over.”
“Thank you,” I bowed slightly and headed for studio 6. I opened the door quietly and came into a room with a couch on one side and a practice mic on the other. The room was small, and in the middle was a partition with a glass window: that was the recording room, and it was currently empty.
“Ah, you’re here. Excellent. Here, these are the lyrics, listen to me sing first and look through the girl’s part for me.”
“Yes sir,” I bowed, taking the sheet of paper, and sitting down to glance over the lyrics as he started the music from the beginning and began singing.
I tried to quickly catch onto the tune and the pace of the music, so I would have an idea of how to sing these lyrics. He went through it one more time for me, before asking me to sing the girl’s part.
I tried singing it one way, but he didn’t like it, so I tried a different way and before I knew it, we were singing the song together, perfectly in sync. “Good. Now, let’s record.”
“Record? But I thought—“
“I need to use your voice and patterns of singing for the next person to know how to sing the song so we can practice it together.”
“Yes sir,” I nodded, following him into the recording area of the studio. He went and grabbed one of the other workers to help with the recording and so we started recording. Since we had practice so much, we didn’t have to record it over and over again.
Finally, it was done. I sighed in relief and took a drink of water.
“Good work today, you catch on quickly,” Si-Kyung complimented me.
“I pick up music quickly. When I was growing up, my father was very strict and not very patient with my sister and I so if we made mistakes we needed to correct them quickly.”
“He taught you well. I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
“It was an honor to meet you and work with you,” I smiled brightly.
Finally dismissed, I headed home and collapsed on my bed, exhausted. It reminded me of my sessions with my father when I was younger. He was always a perfectionist and demanded the best of me. He also always wanted to do things his way, not anyone else’s way, and therefore today’s session was nothing new to me.
Well, at least that was over, I hope I did a good enough job.
“Well?” Hwang Se-Jun asked as Si-Kyung put on his coat and grabbed the demo CD.
“She did well, she caught on quickly. I’ve left you a copy on your desk.”
“…you’re planning something.”
“Perhaps. I’ll go with you to YG.”
Si-Kyung actually stopped and looked at Se-Jun with a serious look, “She’s American.”
“So now you’re racist?”
Si-Kyung was silent as they got dressed and headed to YG Entertainment.
GD was on his phone when he saw Hwang Se-Jun and Si-Kyung walk into the building. Interested, he followed them to Hyung-Suk’s office, where Lisa (from Blackpink) was at as well. Stopping just outside of the office, he listened in with curiosity.
“Here is the demo for the song,” Se-Jun handed the CD to Hyung-Suk and they put it into a CD player to listen to.
“The girl in this demo is very good, if untrained. Is she a new trainee at Jellyfish?” Lisa asked. GD agreed, the girl who was singing could certainly sing, but she’d clearly had no vocal training to speak of – that could easily be rectified.
“Not yet.”
“But she will be soon then?” Hyun-Suk asked. “A solo artist perhaps?”
“We will see as she trains,” was all Se-Jun would say on the matter.
After listening to the CD a couple of times, Lisa took the CD to use it as practice, and she and Si-Kyung left the office together to practice. Lisa passed GD on the way out and he put a finger to his lips – she merely nodded and kept walking. Si-Kyung was indifferent to GD’s presence.
“I heard that you are trying to break more into the American music market by hiring a tutor to teach English. Good for you, it will be a good goal to achieve. I hope you got someone who is a good teacher.”
“She is proving to be.”
“Is this the same trainee you’re hoping for?”
“I’m not currently at liberty to disclose any such information.”
Hyun-Suk chuckled, “I see. Well then, you’d best get on that.”
GD slipped away from the door, his mind going over the new information that he had been given and how he could use it.
I was going over some future lesson plans and how I could improve the lessons I’d already done when I got a text.
<You sound great, by the way>
*What do you mean?*
<Your boss brought over the demo you just recorded with Si-Kyung for Lisa to listen to>
*…Lisa? As in, Blackpink…Lisa?*
<Yes. They are going to record the duet together>
*I sounded horrible! To think that a great singer like her had to listen to…but you didn’t tell her it was me or anything, right?*
<She doesn’t know who it was>
I sighed in relief *Well thank goodness for small miracles*
<You weren’t bad Michelle, just untrained. You have a lot of good, raw talent>
*Well it doesn’t matter anyway because I’m just an English teacher*
<I could train you>
I stared at that text message, not certain I was actually seeing what I was seeing. Everything that had happened here felt like a whirlwind, but this moment…it was like time stood still. Train me? For what, backup singer? And GD of all people? Surely he had many more important things to worry about than some American English teacher with crazy dreams about music. No, it was best to stay where I was and do what I knew how to do.
*It’s okay, I like my job, and as you said, I’m not a bad singer. I just wasn’t made for the entertainment industry. But thank you anyway*
<Fine. But if you ever want any help, I’m here>
“Yes, you’re here with your…oh my gosh what is wrong with me?! I need some perspective! GD, THE G-DRAGON, world entertainer, singer, songwriter, and producer just said he could train me on how to sing well. WHAT?!”
I stood up and paced in my apartment, “Okay Michelle, you’re clearly getting too jaded, if that’s even possible, by outright declining an offer from one of the most successful people in the world. A man you’ve met and made friends with is that popular. This is a whole new level of weird and things you never thought possible. Get some perspective. People would kill to be where you are.”
“Just let it sink in Michelle, you met GD. You MET GD. You text GD on a frequent basis. You met VIXX. You sang a duet with Leo. You teach VIXX how to speak English. You live in Korea, your dream job and location. You can’t be too greedy. This is more than enough.”
I continued pacing, trying to calm down, “You basically have the life of a Korean soap opera except that it’s real and you need to learn how to be grateful for everything you have. Why are you so discontent?”
That thought stopped me for a moment as I realized that, despite everything that I’d been going through, something was missing. What was missing?
My phone pinged and I looked at it: 1 new message from an unknown number.
~Hi, I’m Lisa. GD gave me your number, he said you’re the girl from the duet CD? We should meet sometime, he said you were a fun person. Want to get some coffee later? We can meet at YG around 5~
I stared at the text, and stared at it, before finally getting the courage to reply *Hello, yes, my name is Michelle. I would love to meet and have coffee today. I’ll be there at YG at 5*
~Wonderful. I look forward to meeting you~
Then it struck me – I was missing something very important: a friend.
I couldn’t talk to anyone about what was going on in my life. All of the crazy, practically unrealistic things that were happening. Meeting VIXX, meeting GD, being friends with all of those men, working in Korea, teaching English, living my dream. I had no one to share it with, that’s why I felt so incomplete here.
I looked at my journal, which had of late, been written in so frequently the spine was beginning to show wear, and the pages filled up quickly with my thoughts. Yes, having a friend to talk to would be nice.
And so, I got up and made sure that everything was ready for me to meet Lisa.
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