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○●○●○●○●○●○○●○●⤴⤴ ARE YOU KIDDING??? IAM FED UP WITH THIS ASIAN KPOP FANS OR NETIZENS OR WHATEVER PEOPLE THAT ALWAYS MAKE THING BIGGER THAN IT IS..SERIUOUSLY..UGH!! In Korea the word "I" is used as Na but you also hear use "Nan" and "Nega" as well.. I am saying people needs to learn korean and stop the Bullshit with the "N" Word.  Partners in Winner's Crimes @VeronicaArtino @AaliyahNewbell WINNER'S TAGLIST @sweetnothing34 @bettytolliver @salo @NicoleFireRose @Unrefinedhan @drummergirl1691 @NykeaKing @MandyNoona @Ercurrent  @LinnyOk @MaelstromVIP @leilakyrsten
It's like the incident with BamBam all over again. People need to stop. Seriously.
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this so stupid seriuosly..iam sorry excuse my language ut it angers me..😳
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Naega and nigga are two different words, different meanings and different spellings. I sick and tired of this crap 😑😑
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