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It's rain you guys!!!!! I decided to do a highlight post on Rain instead of some unknown artist because even though Rain has been in the game for years he is not getting thte recognition he used to get before he did his military service. Also I just wanted to congratulate him and Kim Tae Hee on tying the knot this month. (Well in January or whenever they actually did it).

Any who, it has been a long time since Rain has had any serious recognition so without further delay here are some of Rain's songs (my favorites):

The Best Present

If you guys didn't know, there are several different versions of this song out. Here are the others:

The White Version

The Chinese Version

which is basically the white version but in Chinese

La Song

This song came out back in 2014 and I still jam to it like it's just been released.


This also came out in 2014 and I seriously love this song. Like while finding the music video for this song I was jamming all to myself looking like a crazy person lipsynching and dancing lol.

Dear Mama Don't Cry

I Know

I Love You

I swear this man knows how to break hearts with his voice. I can feel the tears pouring done my cheeks listening to his voice. This is definitely my song.....ㅠㅠ

Love Song

This is a sad love song but it was one of my first Rain songs and holds a special place in my heart. Besides everytime I listen I still feel the same bubbling feeling in my stomache as if my heart is breaking. ㅠ-ㅠ

English Version

Sad Tango

English Version

Hip Song

I don't know about you but I couldn't post this without adding Hip Song.

I Do

Japanese Version

Marilyn Monroe

I dedicate this song to you and your wife Kim Tae Hee

How To Avoid the Sun

It's Raining


I mean how could I not add this song? lol
Those were just a few of my favorite Rain songs but seriously I love Rain so much and his music has always been a huge inspiration for me. And I know Rain has been in a lot of movies and dramas but I haven't really gotten into watching dramas with kpop stars too much so that would have to be for another card. But I will confess that I did watch 'Full House' and that is my favorite.......also the only one I have ever seen lol.

What are your favorite Rain songs or dramas/movies?

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rain makes me speechless he's an incredible artist
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