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Hello. My laptop's being fixed so I didn't think I'd have a chance to post this but I decided to write it on paper and just type it straight into the app. Hopefully I don't mess up too much. This is for the Bulletproof Royal New Year's Confession Event. I don't know anything about Boys Republic so this is just BTS. And it's funny, I don't like America. hip hop or rap and somehow the rap line are my biases, Suga being number 1, of course. I hope you enjoy my confessions.
Dear Min Yoongi / Suga, I just wanted to write this confession to tell you how I feel about you, even though you'll never know me. As soon as I saw you in the "Run" music video, you caught my attention. I had to look you up. Your personality... I completely fell for it. You were funny in a very nonchalant way. You pretend to not care, but you take such good care of the others even though you're not the oldest or the leader. It makes me sad that you work so hard but that, because of the hours you work, people see you when you finally get a chance to breathe, to relax, to sleep and they automatically call you lazy. I've been through that because of work and school so I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with that. But you're in the public eye. You have so many people watching and judging you. And yet, somehow, you always stay strong and positive. You don't let them phase you. In fact, you use that negativity to drive you to do more, to work harder, to show everyone how wrong they are. You work so hard to make sure BTS does well. I admire you so much. Then you came out with your mixtape. At first, I was so pumped and hyped. The music was so bad ass and awesome. I was rocking out to it. And then I looked up the lyrics. My heart both soared and plummetted, it broke my heart and lifted me up. It made me admire you even more. It was never pity, though. The strength it took to go through what you went through... you're amazing. And to write it down in lyrics, to rap it, record it, and release it for the whole world to see... I don't think I've ever admired anyone like I've admired you. Your strength has given me strength. Your gummy smile drives me crazy. Thank you for being the amazing person you are. In the next year, I wish the best for you and for your continued growth. I'm always on your side. Fighting!!!
Dear Kim Namjoon / Rap Monster, Thank you for being the amazing leader for such an amazing group. Your strength and fortitude are such a blessing for the others and your fans. I love how you are you, you're never anyone else. You Do You. That music video was actually the first music video I watched of yours. It helped lead me to BTS and to become interested in the group. I love how you use your intelligence to lift others up, even people you don't know. You're an amazing writer, producer, rapper, and singer. The things you do for your group can never be quantified. I love your mind and your heart. Please stay the amazing person you are. I will always support you. Thank you for being you. I hope this new year will bring you more love and inspiration. Fighting!
Dear Jung Hoseok / J-Hope, Our hope... how can I say all the things I wish to say about you. There are so many things I love about you. I love your smile, your genuine smile when you're truly happy. It lights up the room and my life. And when that smile is sad or forced, it breaks my heart. You seem to feel like you have to smile all the time, even when you're sad and hurt and it hurts me. I wish I could give you a hug filled with all the love I have for you. The people who say the horrible things they say... I wish I could find them and slap them. You're our beautiful hope, our flower, our sunshine. Nothing and no one should ever make you feel any less than that. I love how you encourage the others. You help make their lives and their time brighter. You are Sunshine. Whatever the haters say, don't listen. You're perfect and amazing jut the way you are. I absolutely adore you. Your smile makes me smile. In 2017, I really hope those horrible people can see you for the amazing person you are. Stay strong. Fighting!
I wish I could write a confession for them all, but alas, I procrastinated. But I love all of them, they are all so precious. And no person, idol or otherwise should feel unappreciated or unwanted or only wanted when specific conditions are met. But I'm glad I could express just this much to these amazing guys. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged. Happy New Year everyone!!!! See you 2017!!!
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I love your confessions, even though you didn't write one for Boys Republic 😁 just kidding. I really was moved by your confessions.
@MelissaGarza thank you. And, yeah, I should start trying to get into more groups, lol. There's just so many, lol. Maybe I need to make a card to ask for recommendations and then pick the top ones, lol