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Finally, Zen!!!
Happy New Year's Eve folks!!!! Kim here bringing you a small wrap up of my route of our actor Zen!!!
This little heartthrob was super fun to play. It does start off a little sad due to him being depressed work on Christmas. I love Zen and Jumin's banter with each other. Towards the end, I was dying of laughter because he was trying to control the beast within!! Wwhhhoooaaaa!!!!!! Down boy!!!!!
Wwaahhhh, 3 down, 5 to go?? Who's next????? Tagging my lovely mystic buds: @SimplyAwkward @OtakuDemon10
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as like the one quote from exo, he's going to let out the beast
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Literally just finished up Yoosung myself! So cute! >_<
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@OtakuDemon10 That's always a tough one
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