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Okay guys ama try my best to do "Cosplayer of the week" I will probably be doing every Friday or Saturday :) and ama be doing it on a new card it will be called ( Cosplayer of the week pics) But I also put it on the (Cosplayer pics) Card so yeah I hope you guys like it and enjoy it ^_^ comment what you think of the costume and anything else you want.....BUT I will tell you this
PLEAS BE RESPECTFUL of the cosplayer I post here :)

Pleas FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM @mcscode The photographer is @mcpalaz FOLLOW HER PAGE ON INSTAGRAM TOO!

Loving her tattoos :)
and I'm pretty speechless with this one
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ooh cosplay I love cosplay she's killing it (in the good way)😍
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@VIPFreak2NE1 haha it's okay no worries :) ^_^