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Yay, it's finally 2017 and here comes what we have all been waiting for; NEW SEASONS FOR ANIME! I hope you all have a wonderful New Years!

(Just something for the vocaloid fans because I love Len AND Gakupo! <3) HOPING THIS YEAR WE WILL ALL FIND MORE AWESOME AND WONDERFUL WAIFUS AND HUSBANDOS!

And yes, looking forward to them yaoi mangas/anime. I WILL DO MY BEST THIS YEAR FOR VINGLE AND DO MORE FOR THE YAOI FANS THAT HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING ME A WHOLE YEAR! Thank you so much, and of course I will do my best for my other collections too. HAVE A WONDERFUL YEAR!!!!

What are your New Year's resolution?

-Hopefully for me I can finish watching all the anime I wanted to watch for 2016 and move on to the wonderful 2017 anime! Go ahead and share yours :3
Happy New Years
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you too
Happy new years
@Silverfang Happy New Years to you too! Have a great start of the New Year :D