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Just joining? start from the beginning. Part 1 Missed the last chapter? Part 33 Alrighty I have finally finished this story off I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great 2017 and everyone stay safe if you are going to be out.
"Yoongi! Seriosuly don't make me have to punish you." I yelled as I was checking up on the rest of the guys. "You tell him (y/n)" Tae laughed "We are going to be late if he doesn't hurry up. Thankfully you guys are ready." "I'm ready, I'm ready!" Yoongi said walking into the living room. It's been 1 year since We got engaged and things couldnt be better. "Well you look handsome." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Thanks, now let's go." He said and headed out and we all followed. After the award ceremony Yoongi and I took a seperate car back home. We took a different direction than normal. "Where are we going?" I asked "I got a surprise for you." Yoongi said and looked out the window. "What kind of surprise?" I asked scooting closer to him. "A good surprise." He smiled at me. "Oh, come on just tell me. Please." I whined and he laughed. At this point the car stopped and Yoongi thanked the guy and paid him and then got out of the car. I quickly followed. He walked towards a building. It was a nice looking building. When we walked in we were greeted and then one of the guys at the desk had us follow him to the elevator. There was small talk for a bit until we got to the top floor. Yoongi was following the guy as I held onto his hand and was dragged along. He stopped and unlocked the door and Yoongi walked in. This place was huge! There was so much space. I let go of Yoongi's hand and went to the window. "This view is amazing!" I said in Aww "Security is really good too." The guy said. "That's good." Yoongi said as I continued to run from room to room. This place would be amazing to live. "Yoongi why are we looking at this place?" I asked finally coming back to him. "Do you like this place?" He asked with a smile on his face. "I love it." "Then this will be our new home." He said as he walked back to the guy. They talked a bit and then Yoongi was handed the keys. "I'm confused did you just pay him?" "No I put a down payment on here and I just have to drop the last part of payment on it when we leave today." He held up the keys. "Yoongi, are you even allowed to move out of it dorm?" I asked snapping back into reality. "Yes, pdnim knows that we are going to be getting married this year and figured it would be better if we didn't live at the dorm." "Well I agree with that." I quickly put my arms around him and hugged him. "This is a new chapter in our life." He said into my ear. "Mhm and it'll be an exciting one at that." I smiled and quickly kissed his lips. After that we left the apartment and went back to the front desk. Next was to tell the guys that we were going to be moving out, that shouldn't be too hard.
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Before I even read this, I wanna say that this story was, by far, one of the top 5 fanfic anthologiesi have ever had the pleasure of reading. so much so, I will definitely read this over and over. Thank you for this. also, you are a total mind reader. I was thinking at the end of the last chapter how long am I gonna have to wait for an epilogue.
Aww you make me all smiley. You are too sweet. I'm glad I could write a story you enjoyed so much. Funny thing I messed up on uploading I was only supposed to do the last 2 today but I didn't post the other day and had to make up for it lol.
wahhh it was so nice I absolutely loved this story!!! thank you for taking us on this nice trip lol I love this story and hope you have a awesome new year!!! 😄🤗
thank you! I hope you do too!!!