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Hiya guys! Its your moderator here. I just wanted to go over community guidelines! They're pretty basic! Just as basics as any other communities.

1. Mature content.

Alrighty guys, I'm not going to be strict about this as long as you don't sexualize any underage members. But if there is any mature content please put some sort of warning so people know what they're getting themselves into. Alrighty? Protect the innocent!!!!

2. Relevance.

Your cards should be relevant to the Pentagon community. I don't want to be rude, but if your card is in no way relevant to the Pentagon community but you've added one or two pictures I will remove it. Please keep the cards relevant!

3. Be kind.

Lets all be kind to one another okay. I'm not one for fighting! Please help me keep this place peaceful. No fan wars, no rude comments, nothing rude whatsoever please. Lets have peace in this community. There's no reason to be rude and if anyone is rude kill them with kindness! People that are rude make me uncomfortable and I want everyone here to be as comfortable as possible! So please all I ask is for everyone to be kind to each other and respect one another!

4. Have fun!

Have fun and be nice to each other. Please continue to love and support Pentagon!! ~Stay Beautiful
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