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Happy new year! lol I literally finished right before midnight! so happy! I hope you enjoy some drama for the new year!
Keri's view*** Christmas was a great day and I got to see all of the guys which was a surprise. I couldn't help but laugh that I had no left overs. The few days in between christmas and new years happened so fast and Yoongi was busy with work. Layla was busy with work up until 10 o clock. Tomorrow I would go and visit my parents and since bts was doing something as a group. I wouldn't see Yoongi, so Layla agreed to come by after work for the holiday. The doorbell rang and I answered it. Layla was standing there with a bottle of champagne in one hand and glasses that said 2017 on them plus a shopping back from a convince store. "Happy new year" she cheered "Happy New year!" I cheered back. "This is going to be awesome. Uhm I hope you don't mind I brought a couple people with me" she said sounding sheepish about it. "That's fine" I nodded. "Oh good. And I guess you can meet my Ex and a few of his friends" she said. She walked in and 2 other people walked in. "Keri this is my ex Tao" Layla said pointing to a handsome looking guy. He nodded as he came in. The next two guys can in as well. "And Chan and Lay" Layla said. "So Tao, Chan, Lay And Layla" I said chuckling. "Heh I get the joke. tao couldn't get with Lay so he went to the female version Layla" Layla chuckled. "Except your not with him anymore" Lay pointed out. "Which has me asking. How come you came with her?" I asked looking at Tao "Because she has my heart" he stated. I blinked. I blinked again. That was actually really sweet. "Well I see. Come on in. I think we have enough bottles to go around" I said. The three guys came in and Layla and me took them into the living room. The guys filled up the couch so we sat on the side chairs. There was talking between all of them and the more we talked the more fun these guys seemed to be. It was close to 11:30 and only a half hour away from the new years. "I'm going to grab another bottle" I said standing up. "I'll help" Layla said standing up. The two of us went to the kitchen. "Hey I'm curious. Are you getting back to get her with Tao? I thought you liked Tae" I asked her. "I'm not but we have some of the same friends. I met up with Lay and Chan but Tao was with them too" Layla explained. "That's why" I nodded finally understanding how he came to be here. "Where's the soju?" Lay asked walking into the kitchen. "You don't want champagne?" I asked which made him chuckle. "No sweet cheeks, us guys are going to do a shot at new years" Lay said as he patted my head. "Layla you put it in the fridge?" He asked. "Yup. So it could get cold" Layla said. He pulled the bottle out and I searched my cupboards for shot glasses, found a couple plastic ones. I handed them over and he went into the other room. "You know there something about them that makes me think I recognize them from somewhere" I said. Layla handed me a glass and clinked it. "To the boys of Exo" she smiled and took a sip. At Keri's frown Layla paused. "The pop group EXO you know bts how " her eyes widened and she ran into the other room. "Guys guys! Keri has to be one of the few to Not know you!" Layla announced. "Its not a big deal" I said coming in. " Look it 11:48" I pointed to the TV screen. "You've been living under a rock, no your a hermit that why" Tao said. "Not really" I sighed sitting down. "What, how can you not know this adorable face?" Lay questioned pinching Chan's cheek. "Yah!" Chan said "that hurts" he said then turned and grinned at me. He really was adorable. "I read books I don't really listen to music" I said. "Aside from bangtan boys" Layla laughed. "Different situation. I'm dating one of the guys" I said then slapped a hand over my mouth. There was a gasp. "I know. Layla told me about that" Tao said sounding proud. "Wait the guys layla was hanging out with was them?" Lay questioned. "No wonder she had a thing for that maknae of theirs" Chan chuckled and layla threw a plastic popper at him. "I can see why you would get jealous Tao" Chan added. "She didn't get it" Tao said. The two guys looked at each Other and grinned. "I bet a month and she'll be with the maknae" Chan said "No I think 5-6 weeks. Those kids are slow and shy with girls" Lay said. Keri giggled as Layla threw a plastic popper at Lay and then another at Chan. "You two are so mean. No betting on me" Layla said. "Its almost new years and this is how you end it" she went on. "Okay okay. My new years resolution will be no gambling" Lay said. "Me too!" Chan sad "They're doing countdown!" Tao pointed out. We all watched the screen in those last 3 minutes, waiting for it to come to 60 seconds and count down. "3 2 1" we all chanted and clinked our glasses together. After that we pulled out the chips and dip so we could chill. The three guys were actually very down to earth. It was weird to hear how famous they actually were and how Layla came to befriend them. Turns out she was a waitress at a place they frequented. The doorbell rang and then knocking. Lots of knocking. "Who is that?" Layla questioned. "Hmm I can think of 2 people it could be" I said getting up and going to the door. I opened it to find Yoongi and 6 other people with him.
************ Omo. Tao is going to def get jealous any minute now like hard core!!! I can't believe they would show up late at night but gotta admit Yoongi is in love he's gonna want to see his girlfriend lol.I sense drama gonna happen!
::low dog whistle:: Aww shit! it's on now!!! If a drunk Mel popped up, it'd be a proper shitstorm!!! Jinkies!!!
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ohhh I can't wait now...
Oh my gosh please tell me you are going to post today???? Cuz like I need more I want to know what is going to happen...
I can smell it from here! A whole lot of testosterone in one little itty-bitty room!! lol😂😂😂 This is about to get interesting really really fast!! Hahaha! Let the games begin!!😆
Oh boy.....but I have one question....is it Chanyeol with them or Chen? You put Chan so I"m not quite sure. We call Chanyeol...Channy.
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