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What's up fam?!

Before I begin I would like to say happy new year to you all!! XD

I can't believe it is already 2017! (Like where does time go?!)

So, to start off the new year, I thought that I would clean up my taglists and change my schedule a bit.

Therefore, if you want to be in ANY of the taglists, PLEASE leave a comment down below as I am COMPLETELY getting rid of my old ones.

Now, let's take a look at the new schedule, shall we? XD

Memein'Fiction Mondays

This day will be dedicated to hilarious memes from all sorts of bands and a new chapter of one of my fanfics!

(I will not start posting the fanfic chapters until next week but besides that expect some memes tomorrow! ;) )

The Current Fanfics are:

Don't Forget Me (A VIXX Fanfic) Latest chapter here
The Girl Who Died (A GOT7 Fanfic) Latest chapter here
Finding My Happily Ever After (A Multifandom fanfic with a 2PM Jinwoon and SNSD Sooyoung focus) Latest chapter here
Only Oneshots (Oneshots of all bands) Latest oneshot here
And Hi Diary, It's Me (A B.A.P Fanfic) Latest entry here

(Also comment below if you would like to be added to all or just a specific fanfic!)

Token Tuesdays

This day will be a card about a specific member of a band that you all will vote for!

Latest one is here

I am also now a supporter of the BlackPink community so I will be posting a card about Jisoo on these days as well^^

Welcomed Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, I will put up some relateable kpop memes as who knows the struggles of being a kpop fan? All of us! ;)

I will also be doing a random card on these days about anything I feel like sharing to all of you!

Turn-Up Thursdays

For Thursdays, I will be putting up another chapter of one of my fanfics!

I will also be a support for the CNBlue community so, I will be putting up a card about Jungshin and Jonghyun these days as well!!

Funky Fridays!

On Friday, I will put up the polling card for Vingle's Top 20 Songs of the Week and another meme card (to celebrate that we made it through the week!)

Slouchy Saturdays

On these days, I will be posting another member card like on Tuesday (for another person you all vote for) and another random card (as I always find the craziest things to share lol).

Sharin' Sundays!

And then lastly, I will put up the results for the Vingle's Top 20 Songs of the Week on Sundays (I will make it...majority of the time....lolol).

And because why not - another Relate card!

And there you all have it!!

That was a lot, I know... (#Lexieiswayytooambitious)

Therefore, please make sure to comment below whether or not you would like to be tagged in any of the days or lists and I will see to it to get you tagged!!

Happy New Year everyone and let's have an awesome year!! ;)

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TAG ME IN ALL YO SHIZZZ! GURL!!! LOL I didn't even read the card I just jump into the comment section xD DUDE
I'd like to remain on the tagliatelle for everything please
Tag me in all! Please..😁
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