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If i tagged you and you didn't want to be tagged, please let me know. If you want to be tagged, then let me know as well. Previous Chapter: 11 First Chapter: 1 Part: Chapter 12 Next Part: 13 Warning: Strong language. Intense ass Yoongi (lol). Info: Yoongi x Arlene x Jimin
Arlene's P.O.V: As soon as we walked into the studio, i met Son Sungdeuk, the boy's dance instructor. It was a little overwhelming meeting someone so talented, but at the same time, i was honored. I'd never met anyone higher up than the owner of the studio i was apart of, who used to choreograph for SM Entertainment. Luckily, Sungdeuk was glad to have someone else on to help, especially with solo choreography. "Well, if you can make a dance for Jiminie, i'd be extremely thankful. He's the hardest to teach!" He laughed. I laughed along with him, nodding and continuing onto more important maters. He explained that during their breaks from producing albums, they rarely ever actually "break." They were a stubborn bunch, which i knew, that rarely wanted to stop dancing, singing, making songs, and moving up in the industry. He was right though. This was a well needed and deserved break that they had to take. I explained how many songs i wrote and that Yoongi and Rap Monster had already taken two, and how i already made a dance for Jimin if he ever wanted to do a solo song. "I'd love to see that dance. Is now okay? I'm sure the boys won't mind. Plus, i'd like to see the potential of who i'm working with." My eyes widened and i nodded nervously. I've never danced in front of them before. I was afraid they'd be extremely critical. Looking over at them, i noticed how focused they looked, even just stretching. Well... some of them at least. Jimin and Jungkook were helping eachother stretch, while Yoongi was just leaning against the wall, practically falling asleep. Rap Monster, and Jin were stretching with eachother, and J-Hope and V were dancing like 5 year olds in the corner, laughing and joking around. "Alright guys!" Sungdeuk yelled, making them all look at him with all their attention. Yoongi looked startled out of his sleep, but instantly gave the same attention to him. "I want to see who we're working with, so Arlene-yah is going to show us a dance she made for Jiminie." "Really?" Jimin smiled from ear to ear, happily looking between Jungkook and V who both looked just as excited. "I've seen the dance plenty of times through the video you sent, but i've never actually seen you do it." "Okay okay," I sighed, untying my hair and letting it fall loose over my shoulders. I could only dance with my hair loose. Otherwise, i felt out of place. "Please, don't say anymore or you'll make me even more nervous." "Don't you think you should stretch-" Jin immediately stopped talking once i glared at him. He nodded, understanding that i really didn't want to hear anymore. "I can do the dance to 'Butterfly.' I know he already has a solo dance for that song, but it was the only beat i could get the moves right too. Trust me... they're nothing alike." He nodded, moving to the radio to play the song. The guys moved to the door, but kept their eyes glued to me. I looked away instantly, knowing that if i kept acknowledging that they were there, i'd mess up. Taking deep breath, i dropped my head and tried to calm myself. My hair draped over my shoulders and blocked my peripheral vision. I willed myself not to look at them as the music started, so i settled for staring at myself, and danced. It was more nerve wracking than anything i'd ever done. I hadn't been to school for dancing, nor had i been taught how to dance. It was just a hobby that i found i was good at. I started learning choreography's to all different types of songs when i first moved here, and it was fun so i kept doing it. I never thought I'd be good at making my own choreography. Hell, even for photo shoots, i gave small dances for models to use so i could get certain still shots from. It left an impression on a few of the directors at some shoots. Once the song ended, i stopped dancing. I was breathless and dropped to the floor on my back. My hair was completely matted to my face and neck and my eyes were closed, focusing on trying to regain the air i'd lost. "My god," I sighed. "I haven't done that dance in forever." I heard a claps from where they were all standing and covered my face in embarrassment. "Don't feel embarrassed. That was amazing. I'm impressed," Sungdeuk laughed. I thanked him and smiled shyly, hearing the others agree with him. "Get up," Yoongi laughed. I parted my fingers from in front of my eyes to look up at him. He was smiling down at me, his hair covering his eyes slightly. I took his hand and he instantly pulled me up. My face hit his chest and i stumbled back a bit into someone else. I heard a cute chuckle from behind me, and knew it was Jimin. He rapped his hands around my waist, holding me close to him. I smiled and tried to look down, but Yoongi instantly lifted my head back up with one finger under my chin. He smirked, tilting his head to the side while walking closer. I was sandwiched between them instantly. He leaned down and his lips were centimeters from mine. I felt a blush crawl onto my cheeks and my lips parted, waiting for his to touch mine once again. I missed them so much... "I told you," he whispered, eyes glued to my own. I felt like i'd lost my breath all over again. "Never look away from me. Didn't I?" I instantly nodded, but Jimin chuckled from behind me. He leaned down, brushing his lips against my ear gently. My eyes fluttered closed for a second, before instantly flying open, staring back into Yoongi's. Never look away from me. Yoongi's words replayed in my head. I could see a glint of mischief in his eyes as Jimin spoke. "Don't nod at him," He whispered in my ear. I felt chills down my spine, and the hairs on my arms and neck stand. "Say 'Yes, Sir.' Don't worry, he makes me do it too." He chuckled. "You didn't know, so i'll forgive it this time." Yoongi whispered against my lips, smirking at me. "Yah," Rap Monster yelled, but i didn't look at him. Yoongi did. "Take care of your weird 'Daddy' kink later. We have things to do." Yoongi laughed and nodded, walking away to join the others, and Jimin let go to stand in front of me. "He hates it when the eyes he wants aren't on him. Don't know why, but it's kinda sexy, so i do what he says," Jimin laughed. I nodded, blinking a bit to clear my thoughts. "You'll come to like it, just as i have. It was weird at first, but after a while... i can't explain it. You'll just have to see for yourself-" "Oh i know," I smirked, looking up at him. He raised his brows in shock, but i just patted his shoulder. "I'm into it. I've been into it. Now go practice, I'll watch." I walked away to sit on the wall near the door, collecting my thoughts.
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