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Ok, ok, ok. You know what time it is. It's Community Guidelines time. I'm sorry... That was really cheesy but so worth it *insert laughing emoji since I am on my desktop right now*
1. Mature Content
So, honestly I'm not really going to freak out about the mature content. As most know, the members of Block-B were born in 1990-1993, so we don't have to worry about sexualizing any underage members. If you are working on something and you consider it mature, please give a warning to other members of the community. Watch it though, because Zico might read it at some point... Also, please follow the guidelines for Vingle as well... Of course, that should be a given.
2. Please be nice to everyone
I like to think of Vingle as a great big family. Now, I know that fights will break out within the family sometimes, but lets try to leave those out. If you see something that you don't agree with, please don't call a person out a card or something. Message them and talk it over with them instead. I beg of you! Please, just be nice to your fellow community members!
3. Please post relatable posts to Block-B
Whether this be posting about Kyung's or Zico's solo music, Bastarz, or just Block-B in general, just please try to keep it within the community. What I mean is, try to keep it relevant to Block-B. If I don't see anything about Block-B, yet they are tagged, I will remove the card. Sorry, but also not sorry.
4. Remember to have fun and please participate within the community
I want to the Block B community to always have fun and make lots of cards for our boys! Thank you all so much for reading this, and as I said before! Happy New Years!!! If you would like to be added to the BBC taglist, please comment!
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