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Madtown Mod Team Intro
Hello everyone! This quarter I am the Madtown Moderator and I'm so excited. You may know me as the Moderator for Day6 from last quarter and Mod support from Astro.
I'm here to introduce to you the Mod team for Madtown today!!

Heo Jun and H.O(Jaeho) - @DalyRomero

Buffy - @JiyongLeo

Moos and Daewon - @resavalencia

Jota and Lee Geon - Me

If you'd like to be tagged in our future Madtown cards please comment below!!

I'm so excited to be the Moderator for this wonderful group, let's get them some more recognition!!!
If you need any help getting to know Madtown then please ask me!!
Also if you haven't already joined the Madtown community you can do so here!
To get to know the boys click here!
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mee, tag me plis
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Definitely will! ;)
a year ago
Can I be tagged please?
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Thank you~
a year ago
can i be tagged please?:)
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