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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter one Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four
Jongin's POV "Are you okay?" Kyungsoo leaned over to ask Jongin who had gotten silent during the altercation. It wasn't out of the ordinary that one of the boys would get into an argument with each other but this had gotten too tense. They were arguing with each other very intensely plus Yifan said that he knew he was hiding something. No doubt SM boss mentioned to Yifan that Jongin saw Jackson. Still he couldn't figure out how he knew about the heist or even why he was there. There was no gun in his hand he actually had his bat with him. There was blood on it too, he over heard him mentioning that she was with them in the radio. Y/n was former JYP or at the very least she was married to the leader of 2pm. He was concerned that if he mentioned anything she may get into trouble with Yifan. SM boss found her valuable but he would've also checked into her past history finding out all the things she did in the past few weeks, where she had been and who she was speaking to. He was waiting for proof before he said anything about Y/n. Honestly, he didn't believe she would do anything but Yugyeom and Bam Bam both tried to kill her in their last encounter, now all of a sudden Jackson didn't want to touch her? It seemed a little too convenient. Jongin's mind was going crazy, Y/n had no memory of her past after the car accident, as far as she was told her entire life had been SM not JYP. She was taught seduction, how to kill but most importantly how to deceive and that made her the perfect femme fatal, a black widow in the making. Jongin just nodded to his friend's question. Baekhyun leaned back in his chair with an exaggerated sigh, "Man this is such a bother. I was planning on doing something with my share." He said. "Me too but there's nothing we can do about it." Jongdae said with his arms crossed. "You heard him, all we need to do is get who ever is hiding something to confess it to him. So who ever it is go and talk to him." Junmyeon said. "I'm sure if it were that simple someone would've said something by now." Luhan said. "So we have to suffer because one person is keeping their mouth shut? No way in hell am I just going to get my half cut down like that because someone doesn't have the balls to speak up." Chanyeol said. Jongin saw Tao eyeing Chanyeol and something came to mind. Jongin leaned on his elbows, "You were late coming in, what happened to you two?" Tao looked to Jongin and then to the wall. Minseok crossed his arms and observed both guys, "Alright start talking, you're over here bitching about the fact that Yifan is taking from us but you're hiding something yourself aren't you?" He said. Chanyeol leaned back with a heavy sigh, "It doesn't matter." "Then just tell us." Yixing said. All eyes landed on Tao and Chanyeol. Tao spoke up next, "We ran into GOT7 members." "Shit." Jongdae sighed frustrated. "Jackson was at the sight too." Jongin spoke up. Everyone turned to Jongin, "He was leaving the building beside the one Junmyeon and Sehun were stationed at. He mentioned that Y/n was with Yifan." "Hold on he specifically named Y/n?" Jongdae asked. Jongin shook his head, "No but what other 'she' could he be referring to?" He said. Jongdae shrugged but it seemed to Jongin that Jongdae wasn't too convinced by that. "Y/n was married to the 2pm leader she has no affiliation with GOT7." Tao said. "Well they did try to kill her just last year remember." Sehun said. "Okay so hold on for a second, doesn't that mean Jackson was the one that shot Yifan? Why are we getting accused of this?" Baekhyun asked. "Jackson didn't have a gun with him when he left the building." Jongin said. "Okay but that doesn't mean he didn't get rid of it. Besides if he was talking about Y/n it doesn't mean she's working with them; they could just be after her again. Especially since she's Yifan's, it's a great way to go after him." Minseok said. They all sighed. Minseok had a point it was possible that GOT7 just wanted to capture her or maybe even kill her. JYP could want some revenge since she was now SM. She had been for three years but how many people outside of 2pm knew that Yifan had taken her. They hadn't come in contact with 2pm for a while now, at least not while they were with Y/n and Yifan purposely kept her out of those affairs so that he couldn't re-jog her memory. Jongdae started heading to the door and Chanyeol spoke up, "Where are you going?" He said. "Something Jongin said got me thinking. What did Jackson say word for word?" Jongdae asked Jongin. Once again eyes fell on him. Jongin sat up and said, "Jackson said in some device, 'hyung she's with them.'" Jongdae nodded. "What are you thinking?" Junmyeon asked. "Well do you remember back about a week ago Sana was in our territory, she was in that group-um Twice I think it was." Jongdae said. "Yeah so?" Kyungsoo said. "I'm wondering if the remaining footage of the cameras are still in there, specifically the front outside cameras. It just seems too good to be true that a JYP agent was in our territory a week ago and then GOT7 shows up the same day of our heist." Jongdae said. "You think she planted something while she was here?" Luhan asked. "Could be." Jongdae said. Yixing stood up and walked over to Jongdae, "Alright here's what we should do because I don't like the idea of being accused of killing my boss. Team A and Team B split up. Have the warehouses swept for bugs and see if we can get video footage from any other places that lead us to finding out what GOT7 was doing in our territory." He said. "I second that." Minseok said. Baekhyun stood up with a slight groan and said, "We'll if it keeps us from being blamed and getting our money back I'm game." "Fine then, Junmyeon you can sweep the warehouses while we look into the bank stuff okay?" Jongdae said. Junmyeon nodded and stood up. He motioned to the rest of Team A and they headed out of the warehouse... Y/N's POV "I still say it's a big risk you're taking." You said. Yifan was driving you back to the penthouse so he could relax. He needed to be careful so no one saw his bullet wound other wise questions would arise. He wasn't due back in his office for another few days at least that's what he told his secretary. "You need to relax Y/n. Nothing will happen if you're right." He said. "No that's not true, if you tell a person enough that they're doing something they're not eventually they'll just do it. If you keep calling them liars or making them suspects they're going to eventually turn against you because they'll be sick of hearing you accuse them and especially taking their money." "Babe you worry too much." He said. You sighed and leaned your head back on the head rest; you crossed your arms and looked out the window. "I should worry, someone already tried to kill you but I know it wasn't one of the boys. They're not that stupid." You said. He shrugged. The rest of the car ride was mostly filled with silence as the car entered back into Seoul and the heart of SM Town's territory. Just as Yifan was parking his car in the garage, you got a text from Jongdae, Mr. Sunshine: Team A has gone to sweep the warehouse for bugs. "Hm, looks like the boys split up and are looking for clues." You said to Yifan. "Really?" He chuckled. "What's so funny, they're probably right and one of our places were bugged. Besides wasn't there a JYP agent in our territory not too long ago?" You said. He nodded, you both hopped out of the car and made it into the main building and took the elevator up to the penthouse. Silence between you two was more normal than you liked. Back when you first met him, well back when you could remember meeting him, he simply showed you your license to help re-jog your memory of who you were but you still had no idea who you were. He spent a lot of time coming to see you during your practices. He helped you learn the proper way to shoot a gun and now your shot was remarkable. He made moves on you all the time saying, when you were with him before you lost your memory, he touched you like that all the time. Still nothing ever came back. You learned in the past three years who Yifan was. Yifan was possessive. You were Yifan's, he made that claim a long time ago but your stubbornness had you making a deal with him. You belonged to Exo but Yifan was the one that you belonged to. You slept in his bed at the end of the night, you told him you loved him, he made sure he was was the one you were thinking about. As you two were in the elevator his hand played with the hair that laid on your back. You two didn't say a word but you knew where his focus was. His hand slowly moved up your back and he massaged your shoulders. The elevator doors opened and he walked you out, placing his lips at the nape of your neck at the same time. You opened the penthouse door and walked in tossing your coat to the couch. "Let's go." He said grabbing your hand. "Yi bear I've slept with two of your guys already I'm worn out, plus you have a wound. It'll open up again if you do too much." You said. He pulled you along anyway as he said, "I need you now besides if it opens up again you can just sew it up again." You sighed, "You're a difficult man." He brought you into the bedroom and pulled off your shirt while you unbuttoned his, he didn't have to take it off but you liked seeing his beautiful body over yours. You pulled off your pants and he pushed you to wall. He lifted your leg and your other one followed to wrap around his waist. He carried you over to the bed and laid you down. You removed your bra while he removed his pants. He came to your core immediately. "What no warm up?" You said. "No time, I told you I need you." He said. You shook your head. His hand reached for the dresser drawer where he pulled out his lube and covered himself in it. He came back dead center between your legs and pushed inside of you making your back arch off the bed with a loud moan releasing into the bedroom. He sighed feeling you tighten up around him and your hand gripping his arm. Your nails biting at his skin. "You need to move slow." You said broken. "I don't even know what that means Y/n." He said. He began moving inside of you making you moan loudly. You gripped his arm tighter and he moved roughly inside of you. He always had to be in control it only made sense to Yifan. You wrapped your arms around his neck and held onto him while he kept his rough pace. You were breathing heavy and his groans filled your ears. He didn't like to take his time ever but he was even less patient when he really needed something. You thought getting him off earlier would've been enough but apparently not. You heard him groan and you looked down at his wound. "Yifan slow down." You moaned. He kissed your neck while his hand cupped the other side. You moaned while sped up his pace. You placed your hand on his chest and pushed him over on the bed and started moving. His hand tangled in your hair and he grabbed a fist full and pulled your head back while you road him. Your breast bouncing in his face, the perfect view for him. He stuck out his tongue and came close enough so with each motion you could feel his tongue on your breast. He wrapped his arm around your back and brought you close. He flipped you back on the bed. He lifted your leg taking charge again. He licked your neck, "Baby girl you look so good." He moaned. Your breath hitched and you stopped him and looked at him with wide eyes. There was a slight jolt in your chest when he said that. He stopped his movements and looked down at you, "What's wrong?" He asked. You looked off for a second, distress on your face. You shook your head, "It's nothing, keep going." You said. "Are you sure?" "Yeah keep going." You pulled him down to you and he kissed you. You wrapped your leg around his waist while he pushed inside of you. He kept going, his heavy breathing in your ear, you were getting closer. You heard him groan in pain again, "Yi your wound." You said bringing your hand to his wound. It had reopened you could feel the wet blood being soaked up by the gauze you placed over it. He wasn't going to stop. He moved your hand and let you wrap it around his back. "My sexy Lioness." He said. His hand came to your neck, his thumb gliding past your throat so he could get the perfect position. His light squeeze had you running your hand down his back. Your nails scratched him and he slammed into you harder. Jaebeom-ah! Your breath hitched again but he didn't stop this time. He kept going, he probably hadn't noticed it. Your body couldn't take it anymore and you came down on him just as he reached his climax. He kissed you hard stealing your breath from you. You were shaking but it was more adrenaline than it was the orgasm. He finally sat up and placed his hand on his wound. He winced and you sat up. "I'll go get my kit." You said. You quickly jumped up and headed into the bathroom to get your kit. You closed the door and leaned up against it and sighed. "Y/n are you alright?" He called to you. "Yeah." You called back to him. "Just fine." You whispered to yourself. Park Jaebeom, why did he pop up in your head at that moment? Some lingering memory popped up and you felt a sort of flight response all through your body. Y/n just stay calm.... JB's POV Mark and Youngjae had taken their positions and shot down the first two guards to the Exo warehouse. Jackson and Jinyoung drove through the side of building with Bam Bam and Yugyeom in the back. Jaebeom was on his motorcycle just pulling up to the front and he opened the door the warehouse. The guns were blazing between Exo's men and GOT7. There weren't that many men there though. The last one standing, Jackson wacked upside the head. Jaebeom lit a cigarette while the boys uncovered the huge stack of money that the Exo men had been counting. He smirked at the sight of it. Bam bam looked to him as well as Jinyoung, Yugyeom and Jackson. Youngjae and Mark appeared behind him coming around to see their leaders face. "Are you sure about this boss?" Jackson said. Jaebeom blew out smoke and nodded; he tossed his lighter on the money and watched flames engulf it. Jaebeom nodded to them to get out. "He said this would get Yifan to come for us and when he does he'll bring the girl right into our hands. With the help of 2PM we'll finally dismantle Exo for good." He smirked before he patted Mark's chest and nodded for him to leave. Exo would find their money burned down and their warehouse in ashes....
woah jb and will she finally remember Also what if jay is still alive I love this fan fic
Oh Suga, Honey, Iced, Tea!!!!