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Hello everyone! I have been given the honor of being on the B.A.P Support Team this Quarter! I will be posting Youngjae Wednesday's and I'm so excited to be posting about him!
Some information about me:
-I'm 21 years old.
-I'm from Indiana, I'm in my third year of college.
-My favorite group's are VIXX, NCT, Pentagon, Boys24, Astro, and I could go on forever...
-I'm the Moderator for the Madtown Community, come join! I represent Jota and Lee Geon!
-I've also been Mod Support for Astro for 3 quarters now! This quarter I'll be representing not only Moonbin but also MJ!
-I'm also Mod Support for Pentagon (representing Jinho) and the K-pop Community!
-My bias for B.A.P is no other than Youngjae!
-My Ultimate bias is Hakyeon from VIXX.
Thanks @MaeLyn for choosing me as Support and giving me the chance to post about this beautiful group!
Matoki Team:
Baby taglist:
If you'd like to be added or removed from the taglist comment on this card here!
Congratulations! BAP is a great group to be mod support for. It seems we have the same bias from BAP and VIXX. 😊
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Me too!
Congratulations all!! You are welcome to add me!
I'll let the Mod know to tag you!!
So excited for those quarter!! Congrats on all the mod and mod supporter positions!
Me too!! Congrats to everyone too!