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Hello everyone! I have been given the honor of being on the B.A.P Support Team this Quarter! I will be posting Youngjae Wednesday's and I'm so excited to be posting about him!
Some information about me:
-I'm 21 years old.
-I'm from Indiana, I'm in my third year of college.
-My favorite group's are VIXX, NCT, Pentagon, Boys24, Astro, and I could go on forever...
-I'm the Moderator for the Madtown Community, come join! I represent Jota and Lee Geon!
-I've also been Mod Support for Astro for 3 quarters now! This quarter I'll be representing not only Moonbin but also MJ!
-I'm also Mod Support for Pentagon (representing Jinho) and the K-pop Community!
-My bias for B.A.P is no other than Youngjae!
-My Ultimate bias is Hakyeon from VIXX.
Thanks @MaeLyn for choosing me as Support and giving me the chance to post about this beautiful group!
Matoki Team:
Baby taglist:
If you'd like to be added or removed from the taglist comment on this card here!
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So excited for those quarter!! Congrats on all the mod and mod supporter positions!
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Me too!! Congrats to everyone too!
a year ago
Congratulations all!! You are welcome to add me!
a year ago·Reply
I'll let the Mod know to tag you!!
a year ago
Congratulations! BAP is a great group to be mod support for. It seems we have the same bias from BAP and VIXX. 😊
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Me too!
a year ago