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Hey y'all! So I know I am late in posting this but remembered I had wanted to post a story that I really liked. This is from a ScreenShot Game I found on another app and thought it would be perfect to share! Christmas already passed, I know but ehh I wanted to share it with y'all! I also want to make clear that this story is not by me. It belongs to RubyKpopFangirl and yes I did get her approval to share. Their will be 4 parts to this story so make sure you stick around! ^-^ Let's start with the story. I hope you enjoy. Please leave your comments below :)
"(Y/N)! Come on, (Y/N), wake up!" You heard someone whine loudly while shaking you roughly. It was Namjoon. "Hm... huh?" You mumble to Namjoon who was trying to wake you up. "It's Christmas Eve~! Come on, open your eyes! Me and the rest of the guys have a whole day of fun planned!" He continued to whine. You resisted your urge to chuckle at him and kept your eyes closed. You heard the guy groan making you smile a little until... "Eep!" You screamed as Namjoon pulled your blanket away from you and picked you up bridal style. "Oh my God, no Namjoon Put me down!" You shouted, and squirmed 'causing Namjoon to almost drop you. On instinct, you clung to him, not wanting to be dropped. "Nope." He said smiling and carried you all the way to the kitchen where the rest of the guys were. "Woah, what do we have here?" J Hope teases. "Christmas lovers?" Jin joins the teasing.
You felt your face get hot in embarrassment before you opened your mouth wanting to say something to the guys teasing you. "Y-Yah, it's not what it looks like." You say. While you talked to J Hope and Jin, Jungkook felt a bit jealous that you were in someone else's arms and not theirs. After a minute, you realized that you were still in Namjoon's arms. Blushing very lightly, you asked him to put you down and he obeyed. Once you were on the ground, you opened your mouth to ask all the guys a question, "So... Namjoon said you guys had planned a day of 'fun'. What are we gonna do first?" "Oh, we're gonna first go out to the mall and buy things." Said Jin smiling happily. You smiled back and nodded, "Nice." You responded. "Um, but first before we go, (Y/N), I think you should change into more appropriate clothing for going outside..." V said making you look down at your pajamas/sleeping clothes embarrassed. "Gotcha, I'll be back!" You said and walked back to your room to change. You looked around in your closet and chose a comfortable outfit which was... (Outfit down below)
Once you were changed into the outfit, you walked back into the kitchen. "Okay let's go!"
//Time Skip To When You're Already in the Mall// You and the guys walked around the mall and bought many things like food, treats, presents, etc. You passed by a store and immediately stopped as you saw something you've wanted for a very long time, a necklace with the letter J. Jungkook noticed you had stopped and walked over to you. Jungkook stood right next to you as you admired the necklace with the letter J. This made him smile at your cuteness. "Do you want that for Christmas?" He asked pointing right at the necklace. "Yup." You said nodding, closing your eyes as you imagined having the necklace. Once you open your eyes, you gasp as you noticed that the rest of the guys were no where to be seen. "Oh no! Come on, Jungkook we got to find the rest of the guys!" You said, quickly taking Jungkook by the wrist. As Jungkook let you drag him, he had a thoughtful look on his face until he smiled. 'I promise I'll get that for you, (Y/N).' He thought as you frantically searched for the guys. "Gah! Where could they be?" You said aloud causing Jungkook to shrug. You sighed and began to slow down to a walk. You continued to walk with Jungkook until you passed a group of highschool girls who began to squeal. "Aw! Look at them!" "They're so cute together~!" "I wish me and my boyfriend could look as cute as them!" You stopped and looked around you, wondering who the girls were talking about. After seeing that you and Jungkook were the two people who might appear as a couple, you blushed. "They can't be talking about me and Jungkook right?'' You thought to yourself. "Aw, look! They're even holding hands~!" One of the girls squealed happily causing the other three girls to squeal with her. You looked down at your hand to see that you were no longer holding Jungkook's wrist; you were holding his hand. Blushing a bright red, you quickly tried letting go of his hand but Jungkook pulled you into a hug before you could. At this the girls squealed even louder. "W-What are you doing?" You whisper-shouted embarrassedly into his ear making him smile at you. "Just giving them a real reason to squeal about." He whispered so the group of girls couldn't hear while slowly pulling away from you. He then pulled you into his side and put his arm around you. "Aish, Why are you so cute Jagi? You keep distracting me from actually shopping!" He says which made you gawk at him in embarrassment. You and him then quickly walked away as the group of girls started to squeal louder than ever. Once you were a long ways away from the girls you got Jungkook's arm off of you. "What in the world was all that for!?" You shouted at him but quickly quieted down as you remembered you were still inside the mall. "I'm sorry but wasn't that funny?" He said laughing a little. "No! Not for me!" You said fuming. "Still, you enjoyed it~" He said in a sing-song voice. "No, I really didn't." You said calmly causing Jungkook to chuckle loudly. "Your red face says otherwise." He said and poked your nose. You opened your mouth but closed it, not wanting to argue with him. "Whatever, let's just find the guy-" "Guys, look! They're over there!" Someone shouted from a distance. You blinked and looked around to see Jimin. "There they are!" You and Jimin said in unison. You and Jungkook quickly jogged over to the guys. "We've found you!" Jin said who quickly came over to you and Jungkook worriedly, "You two aren't hurt are you?" You shook your head. "Nope, we're fine." You answered smiling. "That's good."
||| After that, you guys go back home ||| While you and Jungkook were lost at the store, Jimin got you a present. The present he got you was your favorite Starbucks. Now you were enjoying your present on the couch when you noticed that Jungkook and Jimin were unkowningly standing under the mistletoe together. You stifled a chuckle and calmly told them, "Hey guys, look up for a great surprise." They did and got the most horrified looks on their faces making you burst out laughing. You then watched as the two guys awkwardly got close to each other and quickly gave each other a kiss. (Jikook moment teehee!) "Aw, how cute~!" You said teasingly and then continued to laugh again. "It's not funny!" They fumed causing you to nod. "Okay, okay, I'm done teasing you two, hehe!" You laughed and walked over to the kitchen where Jin was cooking cookies. "When will the cookies be ready?" You asked him curiously. "Oh, in about half an hour." He answered looking at the oven. You nodded and walked out of the kitchen, noticing that the guys had finally put up the Christmas tree which was something they should have done a while ago but Suga who was in charge of putting up the tree himself, forgot. "Now all we have to do is put on the decorations." You said. "They're right here." Said Namjoon patting a thin yet tall, plastic box filled with ornaments and other decorations. After you were all done decorating, the tree ended up looking like this: (Pic down below)
"Cookies are ready!" Jin yelled out. You and all of the guys, except Jin ran into the kitchen. Jungkook and V ran faster than everyone else and got to the kitchen first. They both quickly grabbed for the same cookie and began to agrue over the cookie despite there being plenty more. You laughed at their childish behavior and grabbed a cookie. You bit into the cookie and it tasted amazing! As you finished your cookie happily, someone in the living room gasped loudly catching your attention. "It's snowing..." They said. It was Jimin. You curiously walked out of the kitchen into the living room to see from the window that it was indeed snowing. ~~~ To Be Continued! I hope you really liked this first part of the story! I will be posting the second part as soon as I can. Please remember this story is based off from RubyKpopFangirl ScreenShot Game! ;)

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