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I did it!!!
안녕하세요~! First, check out my recent insta post! This is mostly for you guys because this is where I found the love of my life, kpop, and where I could be myself without being judged! So, thank you all so much and I love you! Also-- HAPPY 2017!!! https://instagram.com/p/BOtjme8jnUd9mWjMMjrOeZBwdlibes313QkpL00/
C= comment from then R= my response from now 1. C: @aliendestina : "I love my little kpoper who thinks high of me. I can't and won't ever forget you. Thanks for being my fan~" R: "I can't forget you either Unni! I miss you~" 2. C: @xxreacti0nxx : "In case you're having a hard time around then, I squish you >~< nyan~~~~" R: "Awe! Thank you for the squishes!" 3. C: @artificialgold : "Ur amazing and remember when life gets tough beat it to a pulp! I sucks at these (insert face I couldn't find) 😅" R: "Thank you! Also, it's okay, so do I lol!" 4. C: @LinnyOk : "How about you tell me who your UB is and I try to predict his hair color at the time i.e if you don't think it stupid lol." Me: "Ok my UB is Kim Taehyung from BTS." @LinnyOk: "yay all d more exciting let's see I'm tempted to say purple but I'll go against my guts n play it safe, he'll be platinum blonde." R: "You were so close! If only he had kept the blonde till now!" 5. C: @animerg13 : "😄Never Stop Fangirling!!!😂" R: "How could I when all these comebacks and debuts are happening? Lol." 6. C: @AlisonGrace : "a" "anime" R: "...k and?" 7. C: @jealousshota : "your my hero honey senpia" R: "k." 8. C: @Cb123242425 : "Bloooop" No R... 9. C: @TaehyungV : "What are those??????😂😂😂😂" R: "No." 10. C: @TravisSimpkins: "Never give up your ambition to do what you want." R: "I won't! You either!" 11. C: @Qilin94: "Everything I want to say is dirty...forget it..." "a pig fell in the mud. Close enough." R: "lol" 12. C: @snowgirl18: "ok" No R. 13. C: @KaminaraHana: "almost forgot to read these" R: "Well you better do that then." 14. C: @ShinoYuki: "Have fun and don't regret. Better of regretting what you did then regretting what you didn't do😗😂😋😁😊" R: "I will do my best thank you very much!" 15. C: @AdamDean: "Here's the note: I've realized something. If I get expelled, I won't die. But if I stop doing what I love doing, then I'd rather be dead." R: "That's deep man..." 16. C: @SherryMo: "Happy new year!" R: "Happy new year!" 17. C: @XyChan: "If you feel it in your gut, push it out your butt." No R...... 18. C: @jazminramirez9: "do your homework!😆" R: "Nope!" 19. C: @jealousshota: "please let me be yours senpai" R: "lol sorry but I've got my eye on someone else😂" 20. C: @oblivian: "every comment?" "Never put your hand down a garbage disposal to retrieve something a child hand is much smaller and will fit between the blades." R: "Note taken..." 21. C: @SabrinaSakura: "can this count as my comment 😀" R: "Sure." 22. C: @KarinaRaygoza: "ANIME RULES" R: "I KNOW" 23. C: @BenGidden: "winter is coming" R: "But it's already here...?" 24. C: @KunalVohra: "I'm just a lil bit caught in the middle, life is a maze and love is a riddle, I dono where to go can't do it alone and I dono why..." R: "That's deeper man..."

😊Kpop Fam😊


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Glad you appreciated my wisdom
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wow that is so awsome
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I still like my comment and the fact that I'm #17 my fav number but when did we do this in so forgot!!
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Lol I don't remember...
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Did you change your user name?
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k lol those sound more familiar. My comment is dorky as hell lol
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