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Summary: "Seven boys, and seven abilities. Working in secret, together as a team, and only together, can they take down anyone who decides to hurt the innocent or forge a tainted future. Will they all be able to stay on the side of good? Or will some be tempted over to evil?"
Info: Their appearances in the pictures above will be how they look in this fanfiction.
Part: Introduction
Next Part: Chapter 1

Warning: There will be Boy x Boy, Strong language, Blood, Violence, Sex, and other stuff. Basically, anything except rape. I'll never write about that. All of these things will be in the coming chapters.

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~Pictures are NOT mine~

~These are the introduction's to each character. Please read them all in order, as you will need them to understand each character through the actual chapters :3 ~

Namjoon's Intro - Ability: Superhuman Mentality
Jin's Intro - Ability: Mind Control
Yoongi's Intro - Ability: Heat Manipulation
J-Hope's Intro - Ability: Superhuman Agility
Jimin's Intro - Ability: Seduction/Persuasion
Taehyung's Intro - Ability: Animal Manipulation
Jungkook's Intro - Ability: Teleportation
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