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This is the second of ten cards introducing the ten members of the rookie group, Pentagon! If you would like to check out the others in the series, they can be found in my "Get to Know: ____" collection!

I sincerely apologize for it taking so long for me to complete this installment; work got hectic and I had to take a couple of days where I just went to work and slept.

Stay tuned, as I will try to upload the next installment as quickly as possible! ❤ Hope you enjoy!~
• Full Name: Lee Hwitaek (이회택)

• Stage Name: Hui (후이)

• Position: Main Vocalist, Leader

• Birthday: August 28th, 1993

• Height: 175cm (5'9")

• Hometown: Gwacheon, South Korea
• Prior to CUBE Entertainment, Hui was a trainee at JYP Entertainment.

• He entered JYP in 2010, when he won 1st place in the 7th round of the JYP auditions.

• He left JYP three years later, because he didn't think he would be able to debut there any time soon.

• All in all, Hui was a trainee for 6 years.
• I have included a video that allows you to see Hui's vocal color, an excerpt from Pentagon Maker! (As well as one of my favorite covers ever!)
• He's a very lively guy, always making people smile.

• Loves his members!!!! (Reminds me of if you took Suho from Exo and cranked it up like 14 notches,,,)

• He's very touchy, and and is 85% of the time clinging to a member in one way or another.

• Very responsible!!!

• Sometimes he acts like he's full of himself, but he's actually very humble.

• His members like to teasingly exclude him from things (For example; in the video linked above where the members made it seem like he was the only one who didn't want to eat hamburgers.)

• Basically he's your grandma who smothers you in affection but at the end of the day is actually a really fun lady.

• Known for having a lot of aegyo.

• Oh boy I could talk about him for days (I love him ok) (STAY IN YOUR LANE)
• He says his favorite songs are Pentagon's songs.

• He likes the game 'Starcraft'.

• He said that he becomes happy when he sings and dances, he becomes sad when he cannot sing, he becomes mad when people give no respect to him, and he becomes sleepy when he is bored.

• He plays the piano.

• He frequently writes and composes for Pentagon related things, and he made their song 'You Are'.

• He won 1st place in a cross dressing competition in the fifth grade.

• He has a talent of tumbling.

• He was the president of his student committee at his school.
BONUS: YeoOne dodging kisses from Hui~
Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed~ Please forgive me if you don't agree with my description of his personality, as it's simply how I interpret him to be, not necessarily how he is.

If you have any questions, relating to Hui, Pentagon, or otherwise, feel free to leave them in the comments section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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