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This quarter im not going to be too strict anything goes! BUT There are a few things i wanted to point out !!

1). If your card has mature content it needs to be labled as so! (+19)

2). Irrelevent cards that have nothing to do with BTS will be removed.

For example, 1. A Monsta X Card Introducing Monsta X Members = NO *As much as i love them they belong in the Monsta X community* 2). Monsta X and BTS Cards = YES * As long as the BTS members have to do with the card its all good ! :)

3). I will not tollerate bullying !

Any negativity, rudeness towards anyone in the community or BTS will be removed from the community. *We are here to support our fellow ARMY and BTS ♡♡*

And thats pretty much it, So lets have a fun new quarter guys!!! ♡♡

♡ Make sure to check out the song Rap Mon dropped on their soundcloud!! https://twitter.com/BTS_twt/status/815558354739208198.
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I'm already loving this app!!! The people are so nice!!!😊👌
Aww im glad you like it ! :)