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Hey all! It's your girl Brittany again. I'm back after a rather unexpected and long hiatus but we're not here to discuss that. I'm coming back to you all again to announce that I will be a supporter for the amazing @Baekyeol27! It's an honor to support her and to be a part of this amazing community.
Now a little about me. The names Brittany, as most of you already know, or I go by Brit. I have been into the kpop/kdrama/Korean artist scene since 2011. Kpop, and the friend who got me into all of these, is what got me into kdrama's. When I found out some singers were also actors I started looking up what they were in and watched the ones that interested me. My favorite genres are romantic comedy and action but I will pretty much watch anything if it sparks my interest.
My first drama was To The Beautiful You. That drama definitely sucked me right away and as cheesy as it was at times it was a very good drama. Shinee & f(x) were two of my first kpop groups so when I heard that Minho and Sulli were in it I had to watch it. And I'm glad I did.
And also because of that drama I found my tied for 1st favorite actor, Lee Hyun Woo. I instantly fell in love with this fluff ball! He's so versatile as an actor and I have literally seen every drama he's been in!
But the title for my favorite drama goes to The Innocent Man. This drama is rather different than the rom com's I normally watch but this one drew me in instantly. I think I finished this drama in like 3 or 4 days which is the shortest amount of time it's taken me to watch a drama that long. But it was SO good and SO worth it. Song Joong Ki in it was flawless!
As I stated above I have 2 Korean Actors that are tied for 1st as my favorite....Ji Chang Wook and Lee Hyun Woo. These two are polar opposites and do very different types of drama's but that's what makes me love them so and have earned them the titles as my favorites. I first saw Ji Chang Wook in Healer (I could go on and on about how good that drama was) and I already said when I first saw Lee Hyun Woo. But these two are so incredibly talented and amazing actors! I mean come on Ji Chang Wook has even sang for OST's for some of the drama's he's been in! There's a lot of actors I love (Lee Jong Suk, Song Joong Ki just to name a couple) but these two definitely are #1!
Now for all time favorite actress is Han Hyo Joo! I haven't seen too much that she's been in but from the few that I have she is definitely one has the ability to play many types of roles flawlessly! She definitely stands out amongst the crowd.
Only 2 more things to cover right now. Favorite OST was a hard one to choose but 2 tied for first. Descendants of the Sun OST & Goblin OST. It was very hard to choose between those two plus Healers OST and W Two Worlds OST. But those two definitely take 1st. I love the artists who they got to sing for these and they just go so well with the drama's. I listen to them both at least once a day.
And lastly (sorry it's been so long) my favorite Korean movie is hands down A Werewolf Boy. I legit cry every time I watch this! The acting is so good and I absolutely adore the storyline! I honestly didn't think I'd like it but I was so wrong! This is one I highly recommend to everyone! Now excuse me while I go watch this again with my box of tissues and popcorn...
Alrighty so that just about sums it up. I'm bad at intros so forgive my rambling 😅 I'm looking forward to Q1 with our amazing mod, my fellow supporters and all of you! Lets make it an amazing quarter and beginning of a new year! Be sure to show everyone your love~ I'm a friendly girl so feel free to talk to me if you'd like☺️
Song Joong Ki and Lee Hyun Woo are my second and third favorite actors! To the beautiful you is my third favorite drama 😄 And its a blessing to have you.
SJK & LHW are so cute I can't stand it!!!! To the beautiful you is such a great drama which is why it's my second! Lol
Congratulations! I love your Intro card ❤
Thank you~!!💖