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Hello Vingle Fam! Today is the first day of 2017 Q1, and I am more than happy to present the Support Mods and Community Guidelines!

First off, a little about myself...

→ My name is Jena (you can call me Jen, too!), and I've been a multifandom Kpop fan for almost three years now. → I stan a LOT of groups, the full list is HERE! My favourites are BTS, Vixx, Mamamoo, GOT7, B.A.P, History, Hotshot, EXID, BlackPink, EXO, Astro, Seventeen, and of course, SF9! → My SF9 biases are Dawon and Zuho, but my bias wreckers are Inseong and Taeyang. → I live in Massachusetts, and I'm fluently bilingual (I speak Arabic and English, but I'm in my fourth year of learning Spanish). → I enjoy writing, making playlists, singing, cosplaying, video/audio editing, art, and a ton of other things!
→ You can also add me on snapchat, where I post sneak peaks of Vingle Cards, 8Tracks Playlists, and fanfictions! My username is: jenjenkhreim

Now onto introducing the Sensational Feeling Squad, and the schedule!!

On Sundays, @mbg3t will be posting about Youngbin, along with @CrookedShadow posting about Jaeyoon! On Mondays, @EmilyPeacock will be posting about Inseong! On Tuesdays, @JiyongLeo will be posting about Rowoon! On Wednesdays, @AwkwardJazzy will be posting about Hwiyoung! On Thursdays, @ESwee will be posting about Chani! On Friday, @bapastro will be posting about Zuho! On Saturday, @KaiLuhan4ever will be posting about Taeyang, along with me posting about Dawon! Please show lots of love to our Support Mods, as well as our unofficial support, @IsoldaPazo!

Now time for the Community Guidelines!

1. No Fanwars. Please do not start any arguments or fanwars. We want this community to be loving and kind all around. Spread love, not hate! 2. No bullying or harassment. Quite a common rule, and it's self-explanatory. (If you see any rude comments or posts, please inform me or one of the support mods!) 3. Please keep things relevant. It's a simple rule, really. Just don't tag the SF9 community if your card has nothing to do with it. 4. Smut or Triggering/Sensitive Topics: Please put an obvious warning in the title, or on the first block of the card. We have young and innocent eyes on here, and we don't want any to be corrupted. And DO NOT sexualize the underage members!! 5. Be kind and Have Fun! The most important one of all. It's important that everyone feels welcomed, confident, and loved in the SF9 community! If you have a question, you can message me or any one of the support mods to have it answered!

We look forward to the SF9 Community's first quarter!

→Sensational Feeling Squad←

↓Sensational Feeling Fam↓

Yay!!!! It looks great~~~~~