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Hello everyone!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous second day of 2017!! And guess what? It gets better!!!!!

So I've been planning this series out for awhile now, but since I've become a support for a ton of communities, I decided that starting this series would be a great way for me to support these communities and introduce new kpop music videos and songs to all of you~!
So.... what is this series about?

This new series is going to be called, "Have You Seen This!?"

I'm going to be making one or more of these cards every week, and for what it will contain, will be a music video from either underrated groups or even popular groups that you personally might not be familiar with, or just not familiar with the music video.
I'll mainly be posting music videos that looked very interesting to me, and that I wanted to share with you all. But I'll be sharing a ton of different kinds of music videos with different kpop groups. The music videos will usually be older ones or at least a couple months old. I will not be showing you brand new music videos since, well....everyone else will be posting those anyway.
I'm not just going to be posting music videos!! I'll also be posting songs that aren't the title tracks in albums, or have a music video to go along with them. This is a way to get songs that are underrated (even songs by popular kpop groups!) to get noticed for all their wonderfulness!!
I'll mainly be showing you guys songs and music videos from kpop groups that have been around for awhile, which means that I probably won't be showing you guys recently debuted groups. (So this series might not be relevant to SF9, Pentagon, NCT, etc. Dx) But, I might change my mind depending on how much love they're getting. Why I'm doing this is because these groups are brand new and don't have that many music videos or songs out, also like I said before, everybody will already be posting things about them.

I'll be starting this series this week with the first card being put up for CNBLUE, which will be posted on Saturday~~

(No, the gif is not of CNBlue....That is Block B. The very first gif IS CNBLUE, though)
Of course, I'll be posting cards about other groups, not just ones about the communities that I'm participating in. I'll especially be posting music videos of groups that I am not very familiar with, so I'll be experiencing these videos with you guys ^-^
The songs that I'll be posting about will be more from the groups I am familiar with, since I usually check out songs from groups that I really like, and music videos from groups that I'm checking out.
I have a ton of groups and music videos that I want to show you guys, so please be prepared for some "interesting" music videos that I have found. And of course, for some groups that will definitely wreck you~~C:

This series' tag list will be called, "The Voices"

(taken from CNBLUE's fanclub name "Boices")
If you would like to be tagged in this taglist, then please comment down below and I would be very happy to add you to the family ^-^
Oh, and before I forget: if you have a super interesting (or you just want to share it) music video, or even a song that doesn't have a music video, then please tell me it either in the comments or DM and I'll be sure to check it out! And I might even make a card for it in the future so that everyone else can see it~

Please be very excited~~^^

By the way, this is important!!!

If you want to be added to this taglist then please comment down below!! Anyone tagged in my tag lists other than my "The Bruh Peoplez" taglist will not be tagged in these future cards!! This was just a one time thing!! This series will have its own taglist, so please if you want to see these future cards then please ask to be tagged for this taglist!!!!
Why are there so many taglists and why are they so long....? Dx *the cries of a poor Nina trying to make this card....* Why am I in so many groups!?!?

My Main Tag List

Please message me if you would like to be added or removed from the tag list.

The "Bruh" Peoplez

Code Name: Loners

(CNBLUE Mod List)
@CrookedShadow (Moderator)

The Outcasts

(The community tag list for CNBLUE. Please don't use this taglist. This taglist is just for the CNBLUE moderators to use! If you want to be removed from the tag list please message me and I'll be sure to remove you.)

Gorilla Mod Squad

@awkwardjazzy (Moderator)

Penta-stan Tag list

(Ummm we're working on it....cX)

The ELF Reps

The Sapphire Ocean Community Tag List

This is the Super Junior "Sapphire Ocean" tag list. It will only be used by our ELF Reps :)
Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list, any name changes or if you wish to be taken off the list. One of our ELF Reps will reply to your comment! Changes will occur from next card on!!!!!

Overdose Mod and Mod Squad

Exo Tag


You can join the squad if you would also like to be updated on everything EXO ^.^

Happy Virus Mod and Support Squad

@SugaKookieV (Moderator)

PCY Club

D.O.A Crew

@twistedPuppy (Moderator)

High5 Homies

*~•BBC Bumblebees Mod taglist•~*

@bapastro (Moderator)

•BBC Taglist•

Sensational Feeling Squad

@turnuptae (Moderator)

SF9 Community Taglist

(Not sure if we have a name or not for this taglist cX)

The Fighters League

(The Monsta X Mods)
@KaiLuhan4Ever (Moderator)

Monebebe Community Taglist

(Not sure what the name for our community is yet)

VIXXEN squad


@ElishaFisher @VeronicaArtino @kpopandkimchi @KhrystinaLee @YongRaviZiMon @kissofdeath316 @deilig @JenGambale @goinnutz22 @Sailynn @ChaErica @MaeLyn @KAddict @Annaharris1989 @DominiqueWhitak @AlmaRangel @Kayto4 @TaliaMay14 @narutobandgeek @Bwolfgirl @mightmuffin @NathashaXavier @unnieARMkeY @RaquelArredondo @sherrysahar @LemonLassie @SindyHernandez @SusiBosshammer @sleepingyoongi @EvilGenius @letsloveshinee @AaliyahNewbell @JenGambale @AdiaJasinski @MahelySandoval @JessicaVang @SerenityThao @MiahCisneros @MirandaStephens @hellhoundsuccub @TaehyungV @dragonlittle @NyxSukai @MiahCisneros @GamingAirbender @NiahriTaylor @MelissaGarza @CuteBabyLay @AlyssaGelet818 @SamanthaRae19 @swarrier16 @karinamiranda81 @QueenLee @annapearlgale @EleanorKriegel @Princess2425 @TerraToyaSi @KellyOConnor @kolai4 @matty0203 @ElleHolley @bubblekookie @sandraryan @matty0203 @ChristineO84 @mitchix5 @galaxydredre @ElenaP16 @KaisPrincess @DesireeChucklez @SimplyAwkward @Kyokeo @JamiMilsap @ParkKyungSoon @AgentLeo @TishForde @netchtiBates @ShinoYuki @simpsonsamantha @matty0203 @Vixxstarlight1 @sweetwhitetiger @elainarenea @kanatm @Dianaedith @KarenGuerra93 @ShifaKulsoom @yakumo00 @adritha13 @Princess2425 @Viresse @destiny1419 @kpopjpopjrock1 @YessicaCardenas @MaelstromVIP @kyky97 @russelroche47 @AbbyRamey @RubyDusky @karinamiranda81 @Lilura @OliviaEdwards @HayleyEastman @KarenGuarra93 @Ivonvons @LtheKid8 @DarciAragon @JenneReid @mkbmccann @JulieLynch @BiasKpop @dreemer13 @ParkKyungSoon @alwaysdream @sung1rl199674 @AubriePop @MaeLyn @MelissaGarza @annapearlgale @simpsonsamantha @twistedPuppy @TerraToyaSi @AaliyahNewbell @miruchii @StarlightV
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Thank you:)
Tag me pls!!
Of course!!
Tag me girl! 😄
Haha, no problem ^-^
Ummm now I feel terrible for tagging so many people!!! DX I thought it would be fine since this series relates to everyone, that's why I only posted it in the kpop community. But I still feel bad...I'm sorry for tagging all of you!! I hope you guys don't mind :C
From where the second gif is???
D.O.A by High4 ^-^ Please check them out!! It's a good song and an even better group~
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