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Hello everyone!! I'm excited to tell you all that I am mod support for SF9!!! Yes I will be posting all about the wonderful Rowoon so please look forward to seeing his lovely face! I'm not entirely sure what day I will be posting on but I'll be sure you know once I know for sure❤ I will introduce myself below!
My name is Aster but most people know me here as Jiji so you can call me either, I won't be offended On occasion please check my bio because I will use that to update you on any gender change (Gotta keep you on that right? Lolol ya know, that genderfluid stuff) I'm 19 and currently in college! Yay! I'm a mod support for multiple other communities so watch out for my other intros I'm also Mod for VIXX once again so please feel free to come see me there ❤ I stan SO MANY GROUPS AND ARTISTS but my mains are VIXX, BigBang, History, BTS, Cross Gene, Madtown, B.A.P, Mamamoo, NCT, Pentagon, SF9, Twice, AOMG artists, Dean, Okasian, Crush, Sik-K, Block-B, Beast, CL, EXO, Got7, SHINee, Monsta x, Beat Win, and BTOB (I missed a few and if I added ALL OF THE MAINS, that would have been every single group I stan) And I think that's it!