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Hello! I'm glad to say that I am unofficial mod support for Pentagon!!! I will be helping by posting about E'Dawn! So look out for that! I'm so excited to be helping them out and I thank them for allowing me to! ❤
A bit about me: My name is Aster but many know me as Jiji so you can use either one! I'm 19 and currently a college student! I am genderfluid and I'm telling you this because I don't know when I'm gonna feel like I need to flip flop from girl to boy - boy to girl (Currently boy) so I use my bio to keep you updated on that! I stan a lot of groups and if you want to know who I stan, feel free to ask, its a looong list! I am mod support for other groups so look out for my other intros! I'm also mod for VIXX once again so please look forward to that as well as all of my other posts!!!
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I will eagerly look forward to your E'Dawn cards.