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So far... we figured out what happened between Baekhyun and Minhee. Also found out the name of her mystery guy. Interesting right? Anyways here's the next part~

So enjoy!

Summary Chapter 1 Chapt 2 <----> Chapt 4
It's been about three weeks since I've been home. Minseok must've moved on or found someone, cause he hasn't came to see me at all. Which to me was good but kinda sad cause we had a real thing going. I was laying in bed still, I heard the familiar Kakao notification go off, I peeked over and grabbed my phone, I felt myself smile seeing his name. "Morning Beautiful." The text read, "its probably like almost midnight there." I thought, before I got to reply I received another text from him. "Jagi, there's this coffee place you have to go to, it opens at 10." He said, after receiving an address. I smiled as I got up to get ready. As I got done, I went down stairs to smell food. "Mmmm, Kyungsoo-ya, this smells good." I said seeing our little mama in the kitchen. "Hey Noona, your up early." He said, I nodded. "I know, going to this coffee place a friend told me to check out." I said showing him the address. "Um Bom.. that's in Bangtan territory." He said. I nodded "I know, I won't tell if you don't." I said and winked at him. "I'll be careful, like they notice if EXO comes into the area." I said again and got the keys to my car, off I go. When I pulled up, it was a cute cafe, I got another notification, "did you go yet?" He asked. "I just pulled up." I replied and placed my phone in my back pocket. I walked and let the scent of coffee grounds hit my nose. I walked up the barista and was about to order before she cleared her throat. "Are you Minnie, by any chance?" She asked confused I nodded. She smiled and handed me a cup "follow me." She said and came around the counter, a million things were going through my head. As we got to the back where more tables and booths were, I seen a man's leg sticking out from the booth. "Here's your guest you've been waiting for Mr. Kim" she said and walked away, now I'm definitely worried, I watched as he got out of the booth, my face went to confusion, to a frown than to excitement. "Seokjin!" I said almost jumping into his arms. He laughed and hugged me tightly. "When did you get here?" I asked while he leaned down to kiss me. "Couple days ago, I had family things I had to attend too." He said I smiled as he pulled me to sit next to him in the booth. "I wanted to surprise you. Did you have to drive far." He asked, I shook my head. "No, it was fine." I replied smiling. We sat there talking and laughing, until his phone rang his expression looked as if he was going to get mad. "Hello?... I'm out.. Okay Hobie... Yes I'll make me way back... Okay." He hung up and sighed. "Everything okay? Do you have to go JinJin?" I asked, he nodded. We both got up and walked out the front door hand in hand. "It was good seeing you, I missed you." I told him. He kissed my cheek "I missed you too Jagiya." He walked me to my car, "is this really your car?" He asked I nodded "My pride and joy." I said he laughed and gave me another kiss. I watched him walk away then got in my car back to the house. *Minseok's POV* "Where is Minhee?" I asked looking at everyone. Kyungsoo called us all down for breakfast and we were all here except her. "She went out." Chanyeol spoke. "Do you know where?" I asked. No one said anything. "Anyone?" I asked again. This time Kyungsoo cleared his throat. "I had someone follow her...she went to Bangtan territory." He said and slowly sat back down. Why on earth would she go there? A few hours went by, I was in the office with Yixing and we were worried as to why Minhee hasn't came back yet. "Hyung?" I looked up to see Jongin walk in. "What is it Jongin?" I asked. He was holding tan folder and gave it to me. Yixing got up and looked at it as well. "Photos?" I asked "It's Minhee." He replied, I opened it and couldn't believe my eyes. There was one of her hugging a guy, another one of her sitting with him in a booth, one of them walking out of a cafe holding hands, last one of him kissing her cheek. I heard the front door open and close. "We'll keep this for now, ask questions later." Yixing said putting the envelope in the desk. I nodded and sat down. "Hey." I heard her say walking in and sitting in front of Yixing. I hate how she's been distant from me. "So... I wanted to asked if it would be okay for Chanyeol and I to go to Busan for a few days." She asked. I looked at her. "Yea, it's been awhile since you seen Boss Park" Yixing said giving her the okay. "Thank you." She said getting up and bowing. After she left the room Yixing let out a soft sigh. "What's up," I asked. "That guy in the photo looks familiar." He mentioned pulling out the folder again, and looking at the photos. He is right though. "Why would she risk going to Bangtan territory to see this guy?" He asked again. I shrugged, seeing her with another guy is really bugging me though, maybe I never really got over her. "Hyung?" I looked up to see Kyungsoo and Sehun. "Yes?" I replied. "We tracked down that guy..." he said. "Also..." Kyungsoo trailed off, "and what?" I said. "Baekhyun's mission... he got found out." He said. Shit.
Sooooo... yea, things are starting to heat up. Got to see some in Minseok's POV. I feel like I'm rushing into this or that my chapters are short. I'll promise a longer one. The next chapter in going to be in one of the Bangtan members hmmm I wonder who it is 🤔 Let me know below if you like to be tagged :) My Kpop Fam: @EmilyPeacock <----- My Luhan @BBxGD @evieevelyn @RochelleRose @BiasKpop ------------- @CallMeMsDragon @everiemisfit @stephany123 @TracyLynnn @jyesung72 @makidabebe @VeronicaArtino @lopleaf19 @Babydollbre @chenisbaekasy @KeraDeletorre @ImHayley