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Hello everyone!!

Most of you don't know (since I haven't made an intro card yet >.>) but I am now a part of the Monsta X mods!!

And since it is the beginning of the 1st quarter, we are making a new community taglist for the Monsta X community!!
For this card, anyone who wants to be added to the Monsta X tag list (we still need a name cx) please tell us in the comments of this card.
We'll be using the taglist for all things Monsta X and we'll be coming up with activities, events, announcements, and other things like that for you all to enjoy!!
**If you want to be removed from the tag list please message me and I'll be sure to remove you.**
Thank you everybody and I hope you all fall in love with Monsta X as much as the rest of us have~~ And I hope that we'll all have a great Q1!! I promise that we'll all work very hard for this community ^-^

Monsta X Mods

(Ummm not sure what our name is either cX)
@KaiLuhan4Ever (Moderator)

My Main Tag List

Please message me if you would like to be added or removed from the tag list.

The "Bruh" Peoplez

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Keep me on
Tag me for sure and thank you😊
yes I need my wonho....
please tag me this time. please
tag me please. 😊