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I found this different game to play! lol its a bit more challenging then the quizzes. lol at least it's not a crossword puzzle, those are hard! A game to unscrabble kpop group names!!! Try to unscrabble here!!!
So here is how it looks and the answers! Hope you do better then me. lol https://m.sporcle.com/games/Ontae/unscrambled-the-kpop-groups-name nother link to it!
I got 22 out of 36.... 61% I forgot an a in Dal shabet poop lol
So how did you do? I didn't do all that well either....I just don't know girl groups.
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Um yeah....my biggest problem was I thought you had to go in order so I was going down the list and got stuck on one. Then I couldn't figure out how to move to a different one. I didn't realize you could just type in the names.