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Hello my darlings! I'm so excited to be here supporting the lovely @JordanShuler as Support Mod for the NCT Community! My first day here, and I'm already celebrating my dear Kun's birthday! Just a quick introduction to myself for you, before we get to the festivities. I'm Emmy, and I'm also the moderator of the Leeteuk Community. I'm really excited to be supporting a few groups on Vingle this year, including the lovely NCT, so you'll see me all over the place. A few notes, I've been a fan of NCT (and it's many sub-units) since their introduction, and the introduction of NeoCultureTechnology through SM Entertainment. I loved the plan then, and I'm excited to see it coming to fruition through the hard work of our boys. I loved the initial 127 release, and Chewing Gum is getting stuck in my head more and more as of late, but my favorite NCT song is definitely 7th Sense. During my time as Mod Support this quarter, I'm going to be bringing you info and updates on our (currently) undebuted Qian Kun, so look forward to cards about him from me on Mondays! ON TO OUR CELEBRATION!
It's a very exciting day in the NCT Community because it's the birthday of our dear Kun! 21 years young today! I know I'm certainly not alone when I wish him all the best in this new year of his life, as well as hoping most certainly for an early 2017 debut for the first Chinese arm of NCT!