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2 days in a row. lol. I didn't want to leave it to long what with the suspense. So hope this makes you happy :). okay it probably won't but still lol happy reading!
Keri's view*** At the for Yoongi stood there with a silly grin on his face. He leaned in and I could smell the alcohol on him. "Your cute" he said as he tried to poke my cheek. I stared at him and the to Namjoon who was holding him up. He also looked like he was drunk. "Where did you boys come from? And its 1 in the morning" I said. "Party!" Yoongi said with a laugh at the end. "These two are drunk" Jimin's head popped up around them. "Jimin. Why are you guys here?" I asked as I finally let them inside. Once they came in I followed them into the living room and bumped into a back. "Why is there other guys here?" Someone said. "They showed up for new years" I said. Kooki, who I had bumped into turned to me. "Whose in there?" He asked. "Layla and her ex Tao with their two friends Chan and Lay" I said. "Tao, chan and Lay?" He questioned. "As in Tao, Chanyeol and Lay from Exo?" He questioned. Of course he would catch that right away. Unlike me. "Yes, that's who" I nodded. His eyes widened. "Really?" He sounded in disbelief about it. With a with I moved passed him and through the guys to the front. Yoongi was staring at the three guys skeptically. No not skeptically, he couldn't keep an eye open. Namjoon looked to be no better. Instead of glaring at them he was staring blankly at them. "That's Bangtan boys" chanyeol said at last. "Of course we are who are you?" Namjoon questioned slurring his words. That was it! I grabbed ahold of their hands and pulled at them, which resulted in them toppling over on me leaving me flat on the floor. "Keri! You okay?" Layla asked. "Yes, can someone help me get them to the room" I asked. Jin was nice enough to pull the boys up off the ground and then Layla helped me. "I'll be right back" I said. Jin and I took each guy and brought them to the door. "Thanks Jin.  My gosh how much did they drink?" I asked after putting Yoongi and Namjoon on the bed. "They did. The others had one shot and were done. We only allowed that cause it's the new years" Jin said. "Hmm well I guess these two are staying here." I said seeing the two fools were already asleep. "So why do you have those three here?" Jin asked. "Those guys? Oh Layla brought them. Its funny she knows a coupl idols too. I was shocked when I found out" I laughed. Jin laughed. "You didn't know who they were did you?" He asked as I opened the door to go back out "Not a clue" I shook my head. "Get your hands off me!" Someone shouted I stopped to see the scene in front of me. Jimin was holding onto Tae as Tao got in his face. Kooki was on the ground clutching his face and hobi was standing there looking pissed. Layla was the one to slap at Tao's head and when that did nothing she glared at her two friends who were standing there looking confused. "What is going on?" I asked upset. All eyes were on me now. They all slowly turned to look at me. Yea, my tone did not sound friendly anymore, it sounded threatening. 'Tao hit kooki" Tae said. "I was standing up for myself. How dare you say I don't know how to treat a girl" Tao said. "Its true. Who puts all their jealousy out in the open and start calling her names" Tae said. "That's old news. Tae I'm over it. There's no reason to get into a fight" Layla said. "Then he goes and hits one of my friends" Tae sounded really upset. "Tae I'm fine" Kooki said. "No, your not" Tae practically growled. With a sigh Jin looked around the room. "Layla can you take kooki into the kitchen and put ice on his face. Jimin drag Tae to" he paused and looked at me. He didn't know my house. "To my office. That door right there" I pointed. "And you three I'm sorry but I think its time to leave. You two might have to settle your friend down" I said staring at Lay. He seemed to be the smartest out of the three. "He nodded. Maybe next time well just come without the bomb" Lay said standing up. "She's got a boyfriend buddy" Jin said sounding protective. "Easy. Sorry. Tao seems to have gotten everyone round up" Lay said slapping a hand over Tao's shoulder. "What should I do?" Hobi asked "Make sure they leave" Jin said. hobo nodded and walked the three out. Chanyeol stopped and turned to us. "We did have fun tonight Keri. It was fun playing games and talking! Well get together as a group again" Chanyeol waved and then headed out. For some reason he reminded me a little of Tae. "I swear I walk away for a minute and a fight erupts" Jin sighed. "I'll check on kooki. You can deal with Tae" I said.
well....I want to know why the hell Tao hit Kookie if Tae was the one who called him out on being a crappie dude....ugh Jenni that didn't help I want more lol
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@FromBlue2U ugh and she's gonna make us wait she is soooooo evil!!!!
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@SweetDuella I always love him lol
Never a moment of quiet.
Oh my lord the drama, I really want to know what exactly happened in the few minutes Keri and Jin were gone.
Oh shiiiit boiiiii honestly I thought it was Chen but then I kept seeing Chan and I was like, isn't it a typo? But it was actually Chanyeol. I hope Chanyeol and Lay can come back maybe.
lol sry yes sorry kept his name shortened but yes she doesn't know exo so keri wouldn't have a clue how whole name is Chanyeol 😂