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Ello my lovely Vingle Fam! I am back with Part 2 of this Story! I hope y'all enjoyed the 1st part as much as I did when I first read it! Jeheje Well I hope you like the second part too! Lemme know what you think :) Let's start shall we! ;)
You curiously walked out of the kitchen into the living room to see from the window that it was indeed snowing. "Whoa..." You mumbled as you watched the white, snow fall from the sky and onto the ground. "You wanna go outside? Yes or no?" Jimin asked. You stand there for a few seconds, thinking until you come to a decision. You opened your mouth and said Yes. The only guy who didn't want to go outside was Suga 'cause to him, it was too cold outside to play around. But the guys ended up dragging him outside too. "(Y/N)! Do you wanna build a snowman~!" V said in a sing-song voice. You open your mouth to say yes. "I'll build a snowman with you", Jungkook said. "B-but I wanted to build one with (Y/N)..." V said in a whiny tone. You laugh a little as the two began arguing with each other until you felt something being put over your head. You squeak in surprise and turn around to see Jin. "Sorry, if I scared you, (Y/N). I just thought you needed to put on a beanie. It's too cold out here for having a bare head." He said smiling sweetly. You smiled, feeling happy that Jin was worrying about you and thanked him. "No problem." He responded and flashed you a peace sign and a smile before he walked away. You took off the beanie Jin put on your head and took a good look a it. It was a nice looking beanie. It looked like... (Pic below)
Feeling a bit cold(or a lot cold), you put the beanie back on. "Oh no! (Y/N) duck!" J Hope shouted right as you got hit in the neck by something small and cold. A snowball. You stood there, completely still for a few seconds, before you shouted, "Yah, pabo!" You quickly gathered snow from the ground, made it into a snowball, and threw it at J Hope but unfortunately he ducked causing you to hit the guy who stood behind him which was Suga. You gasp, "Oh my God, Suga! I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hi-" You were interrupted by another snowball hitting you, except this time it hit the side of your head. The guy who hit you with the snowball this time was Namjoon. Soon you and all the guys got into a huge snowball fight(more like war). In the end, there was only one winner. It was Jungkook. Once the snowball fight was over all of you headed back inside since you were all pretty cold now. "Do you guys want hot chocolate?" One of the guys asked. And of course, all of you said yes. "Okay, I'll get to work on it." He said smiling before he walked into the kitchen to make everyone hot chocolate. The guy who offered to make hot chocolate for everyone was Jin. As you and the guys sat on the couch, waiting for Jin to get done making everyone's hot chocolate, Namjoon suggested that all of you should watch a Christmas movie. You all agreed and ended up watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. But before you guys watched the movie, you and all the guys changed into pajamas to get comfortable. As you watched the movie, you and the guys have gotten your hot chocolate. You felt a bit cold and snuggled into the guy that was closest to you which was Jungkook. V noticed this and quietly smirked. He looked back at the TV screen and pretended not to notice. By the time the movie was over, Namjoon, Jimin and Suga were asleep. You and the rest of the guys who were still awake tried to wake the three guys up but ended up failing miserably so you all decided to leave them on the couch to sleep 'til morning. You walked up to your room and collapsed on your bed, feeling very exhausted. Just as you were about to fall asleep, you heard someone open the door to your room. You ignored whoever opened the door and pretended to be asleep(which you almost were). The person who opened the door came closer to you until they were right next to your bed. You were clueless to whom it was and was almost asleep until you felt someone's lips on your forehead. You became a bit stiff for a moment until you slowly relaxed. Once the person's lips were off your forehead, you heard the sound of their footsteps as they walked away from you and out of your room. "Goodnight, (Y/N)." Was the last thing you heard before you peacefully drifted off to sleep. ~~~ Oooooooo someone kissed you on the forehead!!!! Who was it!!!! Oml! Well that was it for today! 😏



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It was either Jin or Jungkook wasn't it??
Ooohhh, please tag me!!
Ahh! I wonder who it was? 😏