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Alright guys, don't shoot the messenger here, I'm only sharing the facts haha!

Basically, Super Junior was never meant to be taken seriously as a music group!

I know what you're thinking, WHAT? But here's the story:

They were entertainers not musicians.

>> The members were picked because of their skills in variety, not necessarily music. <<

(this does not apply to all members, but it was the main reason behind the total formation of the group)
Most of the members in this group were chosen for their experiences as actors, MCs, models, and radio hosts prior debut. Heechul and Kibum were already established actors at the time, and most of the other members had already made various kinds of appearances in television and media.

This is why they had so many TV shows as a rookie group, before TV shows were as popular for Kpop idols.

Also explains why Kibum has disappeared from the face of the earth trying to pursue acting and why nearly all the members have radio shows.

Once their songs started to do well all over the world, though, they focused more and more on music and dance!

They still, if you notice, tend to focus heavily on acting, hosting radio, and guesting on tv shows.

I don't think its a bad thing that they were going to be entertainers and not necessarily musicians, and they've seen a lot of success because of it!

What do you think of this? Was Lee Soo Man's plan successful?

oh. i heard about this. they were suppsoed to be a rotational group, like a few mems gets seen every couple comebacks or so. but fans fell in love, and sm decided to make them a legit group
I like knowing this, because regardless of how seriously they were supposed to be taken as musicians, they've taken over. They've proven themselves as capable musicians as well as talented entertainers. I think that's part of the reason they're so popular, because you can find them all over the place.
I'd just like to bring up the question 'What about Henry?' cause he was upset that he can't really get his music out and he's a really talented artist that needs to shine. I feel though that Lee Soo Man was successful but he needs to rethink his plans for individual members especially the non Korean members
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that's really sad I really feel that he could probably leave SM when his contract expires or focus his work in China cause I do feel bad for him and I really like him
They're my favorite group so I'm happy they're more into music now lol. I think it is great that basically all the members can stand on their own to do solo things as well as with the group.
It makes sense, I honestly think it was a good idea and it was successful!
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