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Que tal peeps!

I heard from a few amigas through Vinglr that Namjoon....Rapmonster dropped a single for 2017 (click link to access their cards). You can find it in soundcloud but I have the song and the lyrics for thisr whi dont have the soundcloud app.
Always This is a slow song but the lyrics pack a punch. I definitely could relate to this. As fans we sometimes think the lives of our stars are glamorous and would up our lives in a heart beat to have that "glitter gold" life. However, what we fail to realize is while golden glitter is pretty it also is messy when you have a lot, hard to falls as it wants, can get dull over time, and sometimes can cut the skin when rubbed against it. I have totally felt just like Namjoon....trying to understand the world but the world could careless to understand me....waking up wishing I did not....low key these are signs of depression which I wouldn't wish in anyone. Ah....I wanna be like Namjoon come to me we can support each other!


I love his voice! but the lyrics sort of confuse me.
he's just opening up about how hes feeling about the world.
I cried literal tears
an unknown substance has leaked from my eyes 😭
I'm not crying, I have something in my eye.... Ahh, I love him so much. I relate to this song more than I should.
It seems like a free write so I love the rawness of his emotions. I free write too so I could relate with how your mind is focused on one main thing (not wanting to be here) and then the other intrusive thoughts that zip through your mind. You can see how his mind was a mess at the time... man BTS is so brave in showing the other side to them