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I am so very excited to have the opportunity to be mod support for these talented boys!
So many thanks to @turntuptae for letting me be mod support this quarter!
I'm also excited to be representing the completely and utterly adorable member...
I am so excited to be representing this happy ball of wonderful. He was my fav in Click Your Heart, and he is certainly everyone's favorite SF9 maknae ;)
A little bit of info about me, that you can choose to scroll past if you like!
I'm Emmy! I'm 28 years old (I'll be 29 in Feb.). I live in Michigan in the United States!
I have been a fan of K-pop for 9 years now, and my first group was Super Junior. They are still my Ultimate Group, and their wonderful leader, Leeteuk is my Ultimate Bias. I am, in fact, the moderator for his community here on Vingle! On from there, I am serious SM Trash, completely all about SJ, EXO, f(x), SHINee, NCT, Red Velvet, SNSD, Kangta, etc... Legitimately SMtrash.
HOWEVER! I am super multi-fandom, and love a bunch of other groups as well, including but not limited to ASTRO, C.N.Blue, BTS, Mamamoo, Got7, Wonder Girls, FT Island, Twice, and the list would continue for a very long time, so I'll cut it short.
I also love K-Dramas, and T/C Dramas as well! My current favorite is You're Beautiful. As much as I loved Heirs (a SUPER close second), TtBY was my second drama, and I could watch it over and over and over again. Of recent shows, I really loved She Was Pretty, and am currently waiting for the newest episode of Goblin!
Enough of all of that though, I'm honestly just excited to be supporting SF9 this quarter. They're a newer group, and they deserve all the love!
Look forward to more Chani from me on Thursdays, and I look forward to seeing more of you!
As usual, please feel free to let me know if you want to be tagged in my personal taglist, or in the Sensational Feeling Fam!
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