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Is this right Jagi? Do you like this Jagiya? I want this to be perfect Jagiya. It was only the beginning of what Jimin pestered you with. You loved him to death, of course you did, but one more mention of the wedding and you were going to rip your head off. You sighed, rubbing your forehead in frustration, shooting him a forced smile. Chim, everythings fine, lets just leave it as is. But Jag- Jimin, please, its fine. You snapped unintentionally, watching his face fall slightly, quickly replacing it with his smile. Im sorry Jagi, Im just really excited about this. I just want you to be happy. You gave him a small smile, fighting the tears threatening to escape from your eyes. I know Chim, I know. Still not speaking to me? You asked him hesitantly, watching his facial reactions contort into something else. He pursed his lips together, crossing his hands in front of him, still avoiding your eyes. Why are you agreeing to all this? You hate yellow. He muttered, a small smirk twitching at the edges of his lips. You bit yours to stop the laugh from leaving your lips, failing to do so. I honestly hate all of it, but whatever makes him happy. But is it making you happy? Seeing him like that does. But does it make you happy? Like, all this. Put yourself before anybody else for once, its your day too. Since when did you start to get all wise and shit? You said jokingly, finally watching his eyes trail over to yours, tingles being shot through your entire body. Since I lost the best thing that ever happened to me. Yoongi sighed, his eyes trailing over the colored suits in the store, his expression growing empty as he watched his friend try on many suits. What if she doesnt like any of this. She doesnt. What if she doesnt want to get married? Is it too soon? Its way too soon. Can we just get this over with? Yoongi snapped, looking over the suits in distaste, watching Jimins eyes slowly widen. Hyung, do you still love (Y/N). He asked seriously, clutching a tuxedo jacket in his hands, his back turned to Yoongi. Yoongi looked at him in surprise, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Of course I dont, shes the past. He lied, turning his attention to the suits behind them, the atmosphere turning tense. Dont lie. I dont. Stop lying to yourself, its pretty sad. You spoke to yourself in the mirror, looking over the dress you were supposed to wear tomorrow, the day you were supposed to be the new Mrs.Park. You sighed, adjusting the veil on your head, the lace tickling your skin. You look beautiful. Youre not supposed to see the bride before a wedding. Im pretty sure that only applies to the groom, which unfortunately, Im not. Yoongi said, pushing himself off of the wall, standing behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. You didnt seem to stop him, causing him to relax himself as he placed his chin on your shoulder. I always pictured you like this, only Id see you walking towards me at the end of the aisle. He spoked softly, brushing your hair to one side, placing a soft kiss on the nape of your neck. You gently pushed yourself off him, ripping the veil off your head. You cant do that. You didnt seem to stop me. Yoongi, Im getting married tomorrow. Just please, dont do anything. You pleaded, clutching the delicate fabric tightly in your hands. Yoongi sighed, leaning his head against the mirror. I make no promises. Dont do this to your best friend. He shrugged, giving you his lazy stare, his face wiped of nothing but desperation. Dont do what? Let him marry the woman I love? Give him the ring I was supposed to give you? Let him take you away from me? God, Im so selfish. I didnt say you are. But youre thinking about it. Stop staring. Im not staring. Well then stop looking at him. Im not. You defended, huffing your hair out of your face. Your friend rose an eyebrow at you, looking at your line of sight to see Min Yoongi in his glory. He adjusted his suit, adjusting his tie so it was fitted correctly. He snuck a glance at you, his tongue running across his bottom lip. You can still back out. Your friend whispered in your ear, causing you to hit her arm. Im not doing that to Jimin. But youre considering it? Stop. You heard the music beginning to play, everyone filing into their spots. One by one, the partners began to walk down the aisle, Yoongi and your friend being last. He snuck one look at you over his shoulder, letting out a sigh before he walked out, leaving you as the finale. Your hands began to sweat as the doors opened fully, everyone standing to look at you. At the end, you could see Jimin, who held a wide smile on his face, everyone else looking at you in amazement as you gracefully walked down the aisle. You eyes watered when they landed on Yoongis, who watched you with nothing but adoration in his eyes. You reached Jimin, who took his hands in yours. You look beautiful. He whispered as the ceremony began. Thank you. Your voice cracked, his smile softening. The vows neared, your eyes tearing up at his heartfelt words. I would stand here and explain my love for you, but wed be here forever. You were so beautiful the first time I laid eyes on you, hell you just got prettier and prettier as time passed. I didnt ever picture this moment to happen, only in my dreams. I know, this is so soon, and I know you didnt expect this. (Y/N), I know Im not your first love, hell I cant compare to him. I know this was difficult for you, and I know you tried your best, but did you really expect me not to notice? Murmurs made their way around the guests, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Jimin, what are you doing? You whispered, watching as he let out a small laugh, tears cascading down his chubby cheeks. You didnt think I noticed the glances you always sneak to him? The way he looks at you? Yes, I know you love me, but Ill never be the person to hold your entire heart, and I burdened you with my love, I tried to force my way in without thinking of how you would feel. Yes, I love you with every fiber in my body, but you will never feel the same, and Ive finally accepted this. He slowly let go of your hands, taking the ring from the ring bearer and walked straight to Yoongi, who looked as confused as everyone else. He took Yoongis arm, dragging him to where Jimin originally stood, placing the ring in his hand. I know my love will never compare to what you both have for each other. So please, my only wish is for you to be happy, even if its not with me. He said softly, taking your hand in his and intertwining it with Yoongis. This is your day, enjoy it. He said, shooting you both a smile. Jimin, what are you doing? Yoongi asked, looking at his younger friend. Stop, just enjoy this. You both deserve it. Jimi- You started, his voice interrupting you. Please. Thank you. You both whispered, giving him a grateful smile, him returning it as he kissed your forehead, ruffling your veiled head. This is how it was supposed to be.


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