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Hey InnerCircle!! Just a quick reminder of our rules and guidelines here in the WINNER Community


This is a community where everyone is free to express their opinions, as long as they are being respectful of others. Absolutely no bullying or verbal attacks will be tolerated. If the moderator team notices this happening, the offenders will be removed immediately from the community. If you see any situation that you feel may be a concern, please contact myself or one of the mod supporters immediately so that we can check into the situation.

Mature Content

Mature Content is allowed in the WINNER community, but MUST have a 19+ warning. First time violation will result in a warning, the second violation will result in removal from the community.


All cards posted in the WINNER Community MUST be relevant to WINNER. Cards that include multiple groups are fine as long as WINNER is one of them. Any cards that are not relevant will be removed immediately.

Vingle Guidelines

Remember to check the guidelines set up by Vingle as well here

Have Fun

Remember to have fun!! Share spam of our beautiful boys! Join in on our events! Share fanfics and news about WINNER. Participate and have fun with us!! This is going to be amazing quarter!