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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely Victon and soon to be Victon admirers. How cool and super exciting is it to be apart of the up and coming rookie group Victon with self appointed unofficial mod @Sailynn. Now, since I'm still seriously new to this group bare with me as we venture through as I present the fellow member I'm in charge of. But first.....
About Me: Soooo......I guess I can start with my name... ●Isolda (이솔다) aka Sol (that's me btw on Victon days) ●Q1 Moderator for KNK (yay) ●Puerto Rican  (age between 22-26) ●Major I'm sorry but until these beautiful Korean men estoppp, I'm just keep adding them in my lifeu ㅠ^ㅠ ●I literally bias too many...hence multi but I have my especial oppas & young oppas. ●I'm also Mod Supporters for: ☆Mamamoo  (Wheein) ☆Teen Top (Ricky) ☆iKon (Donghyuk) ☆History (SSG) ☆BTS (J-Hope) ☆another one I just can't remember. ㅠㅠ My Vingle is open to all, so let's be friends and play!! or with me. Add me on 카카오톡 and/or LINE or whatnot. (Just ask for username if you want)
But you're here for the lovely member I'm representing from Victon:


More information on the appa leader will be more for set dates but for now if you would like to be part of the tag list comment on the link below:
Victon Family! Mod: @Sailynn Sibling support: @AaliyaNewbell @IsoldaPazo @KpopBeat @pharmgirlerin @XxGummyBear92xX What Time is it Taglist? Maybe YOU? ;)
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Sol!!! That selfie though 😍😍
😚😚😚😚😚😚 thank you darling, I need a recent one too ugh lol