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So it's time to introduce my Q1 squad. Some if not all of them you know. I love these people. I prefer to moderate as a democracy so they have almost as much say as I do. They are a great help to me and I love them all. I will be doing something a little different Q1. Since I can only have 6 squad members, I wanted to let you guys know I will have 2 "unofficial " squad members. Because they are my loves and they have GREAT ideas. All of these girls are like family. So here we go.
💖@SugaKookieV - Bias Chanyeol 💖Beagle Sister 💖Chanyeol Moderator 💖Tiger to my Penguin. 💖Bestie
💖@AimeeH- Bias Xiumin Refuses to admit she biases Sehun ( Don't start today Aimee. I am still fragile from the last attack on my angel baby maknae!!!)😹 💖Cross Gene Moderator 💖One of my favorite people in the whole wide world also one my the biggest pains in my butt. 💖Newbies,@AimeeH is the lady to go to. She was wonderful to me when I first joined Vingle. 💖My happy virus
💖@ESwee-Bias Suho 💖Leeteuk (Super Junior) Moderator 💖 Sharer of Suho pictures I never wanted to see🙈 ( reference second picture) 💖Guardian of our squad 💖Sweetie pie!
💖@twistedPuppy-Bias Kai 💖High4 moderator 💖Hilarious 💖Makes my day we talk 😹 💖RAWR! 😜
💖@AaliyahNewbell-Bias Chanyeol 💖IKON Moderator 💖Super sweet 💖Kinda Quiet 💖Still learning her personality 💖She is great at calming me down when I get stressed.
💖@CrookedShadow-Bias Chanyeol 💖C.N BLUE Moderator 💖New to my squad 💖Love her like family already
Now onto my unofficial but invaluable squad member.
💖@SweetDuella-Bias Baekhyun 💖Beagle Sister 💖Panda to my Penguin 💖Loved fanfic writer 💖One of my favorite people
💖@XergaB20-Bias Baekhyun 💖We see eye to eye when it comes to the love of our EXO bias. 💖Love her to death 💖I got super lucky when I became friends with @AimeeH, she came with @XergaB20. So it was like one of the best BOGO sales. 😹
Love you my Vingle family. Sorry I am so behind schedule on new quarter business. I'm trying very hard to catch up. I believe my squad will be doing their own intros soon. So look forward to that. Credit to owners Overdose Mod and Mod Squad @Tigerlily84 and @AimeeH @SugaKookieV @ESwee @twistedPuppy @AaliyahNewbell @CrookedShadow Exo Tag: @PrettieeEmm @MaggieHolm @twistedPuppy @SugaOnTop @karinamiranda81 @JaxomB @Sailynn @lilbr0wneyes @EvilGenius @CrystalBlunt @Emealia @SusiBosshammer @PancakesRios @TaliaMay14 @AlyssaGelet818 @bubblekookie @MaeLyn @netchtiBates @IsoldaPazo @SerenityThao @resavalencia @Kitty17 @swarrier16 @EmilyPeacock @KiinLyr @NathashaXavier @jimin21abs @ErinGregory @mrsjeon @BekiKunstman @AlexErica @heidichiesa @HeichousRegalia @DianaBell @Isolate @DaisyPhun @MiahCisneros @LmJSuper @pharmgirlerin @AraceliJimenez @KellyOConnor @tayunnie @unnieARMkeY @AubriPope @Starbell808 @fallchild @MrsJungHoseok @ESwee @elainarenea @Xoxojessica12 @ashleyemmert @selfishmachines @JasmineMartinez @EmilyPeacock @ashleyemmert @StefaniTre @BereniceMaqueda @ScarlettMermaid @Momina427 @Kpossible4250 @DinaEXO @ExoPlanetGirl @AmberRelynn @thedopeshow1994 @sherrysahar @CrazyMaknae14 @SarahHowlter @AlmaRangel @elainarenea @Vanro @nikkynoel @LaurenStrayhorn @KarenGuerra93 @clandrea170 @Baekyeol27 @QueenLele @HeichousRegalia @FromBlue2U @aliahwhbmida @NadineEsquivel @zzzdonk @Anna5221 @JeniseRamos @harmonico @firstladyofaomg @daljiyong @Xoxojessica12 @maricela17mrn @JadeOwens @screamoparadise @SweetDuella @ParkHwaYoung @shelbyhusband @Amairani97 @jerrilynnpope @YessicaCardenas @curlyhairedfox @yukigintokie @amethystiperez @QueenPandaBunny @leilakyrsten @BTSxEXO @DeniseNishikawa @KendraReeve @micahirene @Foxxyjinxx @CristinBarnes @mrsax2018 @Chace @CamrynCherry @hayoungforever @jojojordy2324 @TaylorPriddy @mitchix5 @CrookedShadow @LinnyOk @AlenaSegura @missjackson2635 @SNBlackRose @zhac16 TAGGING THE OVERDOSE SQUAD!!! You can join the squad if you would also like to be updated on everything EXO ^.^ @Starbell808 @KellyOConnor @fallchild @ShinoYuki @annevictoriaaa @ScarletMermaid @koinii @YailinTejeda @tiffany1922 @LizHolder @HikariAkuhei @SimplyAwkward @CrystalV @cennajp @kpoplover492 @MrsJungHoseok @KarenGuerra93 @Defy24601 @1kpop @JeniseRamos @JessicaEvaristo @AlexAckerman @Starbell808 @Sammyjuicoooo @ESwee @LeannePratt @hammin747 @Kpossible4250 @JohnEvans @ZionPerezFlower @selfishmachines @IsoldaPazo @Yongsomi @ChauncyVSutton @TabithaRose @Sukii @BetseyBleau @dragoncrisis @sherrysahar @awkwardjazzy @Tigerlily84 @MadAndrea @MelissaGarza @AmberRelynn @LaurenStrayhorn @OhSehunnie @DesireeChucklez @AubriePope @LiAiko13 @BaBook @dyotella @EXOAsF @AdriannaFletc @chowchowneko @xeroxerox @zhac16 @NasiaWright @Xoxojessica12 @ruthmilian89 @ExoPlanetGirl @LovelyHana17 @ZwankimaWalker @MelinaHernandez @thedopeshow1994 @elainarenea @Momina427 @ruthmilian89 @thatphamily @aelitasrones123 @misakiroing @Shadyllamas @mraax2018 @Rosa420 @ashleyemmert @zzzdonk @VKookie47 @ot12exodus02 @Kyokeo @DinaEXO @kawaiichibifox @parktaemi Vingle Family: A➖ @AaliyahNewbell @Abbyhudson @adritha13 @AmbieB @amobigbang @AnaP @andreaimnida @AraceliJimenez @awkwardjazzy B➖ @BetseyBleau C➖ @CamrynCherry @clandrea170 @CrystalBlunt D➖ @DeniseiaGardner @dyotella E➖ @EliseB @ElleHolley @Emealia @EmilyGardner @Exoexo F➖ @fallchild H➖ @HopeElizabeth I➖ @IsoldaPazo J➖ @JaxomB @JeniseRamos @jerrilynnpope @JinsPrincess86 K➖ @karinamiranda81 @katiems @KellyOConnor @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @Kpoplover1995 L➖ @LaurenStrayhorn @Lexxcisco @LizHolder @luvexotbs M➖ @megancurrent9 @Mikim000 N➖ @narutobandgeek O➖ @obiterdictum @ot12exodus02 P➖ @PassTheSuga @PrettieeEmm Q➖ QueenPandaBunny R➖ @Roxy1903 S➖ @SarahHm11 @SassyMaknae @ScarletMermaid @selfishmachines @shelbyhusband @ShinoYuki @SimplyAwkward @StarishaRichard @SugaOnTop @Sukii @SweetDuella T➖ @TiffanyBibian @tinathellama @twistedPuppy @taetaebaozi V➖ @VKookie47 W➖ @woahdersierra X➖ @XergaB20 @xxxtina
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Also Dani, I love you and I will let your heart live, for today. Since there is always tomorrow to remind you that He is Satan. 😙😄 Haha I love my description and I love wifeu's especially. We definitely are a packaged deal. ♡
😜 😽 I glad you like it. I love you both so much. Panda and Tiger were a BOGO deal too. I'm a lucky girl in my hand made family. 💖💖💖
Aww!! My heart! 😍❤️💕❤️💕
You are tooo sweet Dani!! ❤❤❤😘😘
Aww Dani my Penguin to my tiger!!!
Awwww thank you!!! I'm also loving you guys like family too~~~~!!!!