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Okkkkk...so this was supposed to be posted a few days ago but....laziness got the best of me OTL...anyway I think 2016 was a very....interesting year for lack of better word. It was filled with scandals, groups disbanding, groups debuting....but one thing was for sure....we had some amazing music...so I thought why not make a card about MY top 20 favorite songs of 2016!!!

20. Blackpink - Playing With Fire

Just when I thought Blackpink couldn't out do themselves...they out did themselves...

19. Ailee - Home ft. Yoonmirae

Do I even need to say anything?!?!?! Ailee ft. Yoonmirae 'nuff said

18. Lee Hi - Fxxk Wit Us ft. Dok2

Honestly Lee Hi's album Seoulite was just beautiful...it was one of the albums where I didn't skip a single song...

17. Homme - Dilemma

THEY ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! AND THEIR FREAKING UNDERRATED!!! Short Intro: They are a project duo under Bighit comprised of 2AM Changmin and 8Eight Lee Hyun

16. Agust D - The Last

Its Yoongi need I say anything else???

15. Chancellor - Surrender ft. Lyn

I'm sad that I only found out about Chancellor now...but damn!!! He hits you right in the feels in this song...

14. Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely

I seriously love this song!!! That carefree reggae music is just what I need!!!

13. Dok2 - Beverly 1lls (Remix) ft. The Quiett


12. Seo In Guk - BeBe

11. K.A.R.D - Oh NaNa

I NEED THIS GROUP TO DEBUT!!!! I CAN SERIOUSLY SEE THEM BREAKING KPOP STEREOTYPES!!! P.S. Their a project group and I seriously hope DSP understands their potential and lets them officially debut

10. B.A.P - Walk

To be honest Noir was the album of the year...

9. NCT U - 7th Sense

Don't get me wrong I love NCT 127 & NCT Dream but NCT U thoughhhh....I never expected SM to produce a trap song and I need them to keep producing them (Bless EXOs twenty four)

8. Jay Park - All I Wanna Do ft. Hoody, Loco

Jay Park's Everything You Wanted was legit what I needed...its been a couple of months and I still have the album on repeat...

7. EXO - Lotto

OK I know many people don't like the autotune but the song is EDM and autotune is used to make it flow easily and...I don't know...the song has been on my playlist since it came out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. BTS - Blood, Sweat & Tears

Now let me tell you...Wings was a masterpiece...the way each song flows into the next...this album was so well done...I just...*applauds*

5. Yoo Young Jin X D.O. - Tell Me (What Is Love)


4. SHINee - Tell Me What To Do

I think this song is seriously underrated and I recommend everyone to check it out...the vocals, rap...everything is on point...as expected legends only...

3. VIXX - The Closer

Another underrated song...although the mv wasn't as creepy as voodoo doll...the lyrics sure made up for it...VIXX never cease to amaze me!

2. Zico - Bermuda Triangle ft. Crush, Dean

KINGS!!!!!! But seriously I need a Zico X Crush X Dean album...


1. Chanyeol X Punch - Stay With Me

I'm sure many were not expecting this...and honestly I thought Bermuda Triangle would be my no. 1 but....this song came in and stole my heart...(also I recommend you guys check out Goblin! The romance, bromance, beautiful cinematography...) Again this is MY top 20 favorites....

So what was your top 20 favorite songs of 2016???? Write it in the comments or make your own cards! Oh don't forget to tag me!!!