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Hello All! I would appreciate if you gave me feedback on this piece. I have't written anything myself for a quite a long time so any feedback is appreciated. :)
“Jagi. Does this look nice? Or maybe this? No, no definitely this. “
You peer over your shoulder and find Hoseok standing in front of a mirror. This wasn’t the first time he had done this. Hoseok had gotten into the habit of doubting himself. And this was becoming a problem. Why a problem? It couldn’t hurt to give Hoseok advice on what he was wearing, right? Sure you would love to give him advice on what to wear. Not that it mattered because Hoseok looked damn good in anything he wore.
As his light golden hair popped out of the shirt you saw him give you a big smile. Not something you saw all the time nowadays. Everytime you tried to ask him what was wrong he brushed it aside. You weren’t going to let it slide anymore. You were going to end it.
“Hobiiiiiiiii. What are you doing today,” you asked making cute expressions at him--His ultimate weakness.
“Nothing Y/N. But I’ll be doing a V live today sometime around noon. Then we have a fan meeting. So stick around and you might find out he said giving you a little wink. And with that he gave you a small peck and left the apartment.
Hobi had been busy with the schedule and he came home too tired most of the time. Too tired that he had probably forgotten that your anniversary was today. You decided that you would push it out of your head.
“Hoseok remembers. He never forgets, you kept muttering to yourself.”
Thus you pushed yourself off the couch and decided to decorate the house for your anniversary.
“And that looks perfect,” you said looking around the house. You had overdone it. Maybe a little bit too much. But as you were thinking whether or not you had actually over done it you noticed the clock. It was around noon so you grabbed your phone and waited for the V Live to start.
Hoseok’s smiling face appeared on the screen and began communicating with the fans. It was going well…you thought. That was until you decided to look at the comments.
“ Where’s Jimin?”
“I want Suga.”
“ Jin where is he?”
“Agh not again. Why do this to him when his smile looks so forced?”
But Hoseok’s smile never faltered. He looked and answered the more positive ARMY’s that were communicating with him. But then Hoseok looked directly towards the camera.
“I love you. Happy Anniversary Y/N.”
The comments went haywire. It was not like your relationship was public anyways. Hiding your relationship was ok since many ARMYs were quite immature when it came to this topic. Thus, you were happy, but it wasn’t like Hoseok to do this. He was romantic on a whole other level, but this was exposing himself to rumors online. You weren’t going to sit around and wait for all the theories about whom he was talking about begin to circulate. You grabbed your purse and wore your jacket and headed out of the apartment.
You were going to see Hoseok because he was carrying too much of a burden on his shoulders.
The fan meeting was going to be after Hoseok’s V Live because their whole schedule was packed to the point where the only time he could do a V Live was before this fan meeting.
Your stride turned into a run. You had to get to him in time. After running for what seemed forever you look up at your destination.
Overcrowded. Yelling. Yep you were in the right place.
You waited your turn to get in and just went with the flow until you had made it to the table. And it was just your luck to find that Hoseok was the first one you would meet.
You had never gone to any of their fan meeting events. Rules for your relationship had been established. Set in stone. But none of it mattered if Hoseok wasn’t feeling good at all.
His gawking was a good enough distraction for you to grab the microphone in his hands. What a horrible fan you were. This was going to go viral and you didn’t mind at all.
“Testing. Testing”, you spoke into the microphone grabbing the attention of everyone in the room.
“Hello my name is Y/N. But that isn’t what I came to say here today. Today I want to talk about something important. I want to talk about something that has bothered me for a while, so please give me your attention. Today as you all know Hoseok had a V-Live.”
All eyes were on you. They really thought you were going to tell them whom Hoseok was wishing a Happy Anniversary. But you weren’t that type of person.
“It was very sad to see that in the comments most of you were asking for another member,” you continued. “Hoseok’s schedule is impacted and it was so kind of him to broadcast with his fans when he could be using this time to relax. But this doesn’t only go for Hoseok. Many of the BTS members and K-pop idols get this treatment. Why? They don’t even have to broadcast.”
That last sentence got many disgusted faces from the audience. The crowd was turning on you. But you had expected that so you decided that you would continue.
“Furthermore, stop hating on these idols if, they’re not your idea of “perfect.” Jungkook is still maturing so it is expected that he will have acne, so if he decides to cover it up don’t try to hate on his choices. If they show up don’t decide to hate. He is also human. If they’re not your idea of perfect then step away from your false reality. We are all humans. So learn to love these idols for who they are, and not what they look like. Thank you.”
And with that you handed the microphone back to Hoseok. Then you dropped something on purpose and bent to pick it up.
“Don’t be late for dinner,” you said as you winked at him and walked out.
And just out of the side of your eye you caught Hoseok smiling.

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